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The Vocabulary of Your Customer

We know you’re smart. We know you know your stuff. No one who takes the time to read someone else’s blog… and network with other ideas – whether you always agree or you disagree – is “dumb.” It’s good and required to know what’s happening in your community if you want to succeed at business.

There’s a time when choosing words that are not about how smart you are and that are customer friendly is brilliant. One of the hardest things for trainers who struggle and newer trainers with less than 5 years experience…(not all but some) is being able to speak in simple terms.

The trainer who can make an easy description of a complicated process is brilliant – both in that they understand it so well they can simplify it – and they realize what the customer wants.

Whether you’re talking about burning fat – complicated if you get into, right? But not if you really understand it and are able to create analogies. Using stories or examples helps everything be clearer. And you have dozens of customer? Maybe hundreds or thousands if you’re writing for them? You need more than one story to tell about the same concept. Individual people learn differently. By kinesthetic words … like move this and if you walk down this path – not referring to exercise.

Visual learners need more “see” what I mean insertions and so on. You have to sprinkle enough of each through any description or you’re eliminating the chance of clear conversation with prospects.

But let’s talk about the actual words of wanting. We have a diarrhea of the mouth and pen epidemic. We use “fitness” as if it’s desirable and wanted by everyone.

DO you know that many 60-somethings identify the following words with “fitness”??

failure, discomfort, sweat, breathlessness, injury, obsession with all things lycra, tight and revealing clothing, selfies with skin showing, barbells, “gyms,” old wrestling rooms, calorie burning

So by using that in your business name, your product or service name, oddly in the fitness industry…. we scare the very people away who need it, want it and have the most money to pay for it.

Health, wellness, movement, active aging, physical activity…. all get better response rates when they are substituted for “fitness” in marketing and ads.

Your images? Are they still about hardcore fitness activities? Or do you put front and center your ballroom dance classes and yoga images?

If all you show is barbell icons, big muscled men and women who to a need-to-be-fit onlooker just looks like a cartoon caricature…we push the customers farther away.

Using the words that attract the customer is the whole idea, right? You can and may be the best at “fitness” but if you have no customers standing and waiting for it?

If you’ve not seen this video…THIS is what you’re competition is doing….and what your customer thinks. It didn’t come from thin air. Now, in fairness, every industry has their “copycat” members. Your way to win with this competition is to use better marketing, and promote yourself last… once you gain the customer.

Don’t stop with watching the video….read the comments BELOW the Video. This is the scary part of the video.

Look at you website with fresh eyes. If you couldn’t use the word “Fitness” in your marketing, what would happen?


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