One Message You’ll hear over and over that’s simply wrong about personal training

 In professional development

What would you do if you could do anything and the money didn’t matter?

Do that.

That’s the recommendation. Yet, for most of of the money does matter. We’ve not only bought the idea from someone else…

“I didn’t go into fitness to make money. I know I’m not going to get rich doing it.”

Have you said it yourself? It’s virtuous. Good.

So is prosperity however. Money is not the source of all evils, lack of it is. It makes you lazy and makes you settle. Lack of money makes you pretend that there isn’t money and people are tight with their money and won’t spend it on fitness.

You suddenly become a very creative individual figuring out reasons why you can’t make money. Did you move to a small town? Were disadvantaged by being born in one? Truthfully, you have given up.

You don’t need 100 clients. You need 10 who pay you well.

There is today more than ever, money in fitness. You are broke or not making money in fitness because you have chosen not to take the steps and actions that make you uncomfortable.

Today more than ever there are trainers making six figures. There are owners and programs making $1M and it’s common it’s not the big deal it was 5 or more years ago.

If you’re not seeing the way, realize that these traits are the ones the successful have:

1. they have a coach

2. they have training or they have outsourced email, social media marketing, and copywriting to someone who

a. knows their customers and programs and b. knows the social platforms

3. the program, marketing, and sales process is INTEGRATED not separated*

if you think for a minute someone can sell and someone can service and someone else can market your business and the customer can have a congruent experience….

Respond and explain why you think that makes sense?!!!!!!!!!

It absolutely can not and does not.

Sales is marketing. Marketing is about knowing every single target customer and every single program benefit inside and out. If you don’t focus on that then true, you are not in this to make money. You just like fitness and you like helping people. You may like the powered up feeling of importance that it gives you. It’s not a business to you unless you have a goal of reaching a quota and the vision for who you serve, how you’re known and what they love about you.

There is money and huge opportunity in fitness in 2015 and beyond. There is more competition than ever. That means there is more messaging out to your customer promoting your category. Your job is now to be THE ONE they want to work with.


P.S. Have you made up your mind that you are a business and you will make a profit? Have you got a business plan?

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