The Number One Fail of Fitness Professonals

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Who Have You Forgotten To Follow Up With?

Think about it. In the last week – just that short time – who have you left hanging?

I’ll give you several examples of good and bad. Last week I was presenting in Orlando at NSCA’s national conference. I visited InBody in the expo hall and talked for quite a while with them. I had a phone call from the manager yesterday. I had an email today. I had a Twitter follow moments later.

I checked into a new crank for my bike last week and didn’t have the time to leave it there and wait for it to arrive and to get service. I picked it up and just wondered today if they were going to call. I now only have tomorrow and need it back by end of the day. It’s a nice order for them. Finally this afternoon someone did call. He couldn’t give me all the answers about drop off and pick up, but he tried to find out.

I emailed and texted a small gym manager a month ago about something I’m helping on but no response.

I text, call or email a fitness owner with 6 sites and get a response within the day.

If you don’t follow up, you won’t get the sale. You won’t get the referral. You won’t get the help. We’re all busy. This follow thing is what you should be busy doing. It’s how you make long term sales and build relationships.

Think about even one business card you picked up or one person you saw in the gym casually. Did you intend to follow up and not?

Not too late, but at some point someone may beat you to the punch who does it better.

Start now to organize those quick chats, get support for your email and voice mails if you can’t handle it, or ask “why don’t I have time to do my job?”

Something might need to go in order to do the stuff that counts.


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