No One Hears A Quiet Marketer

Is Your Ego or Your Revenue Talking?

You may lose email subscribers if you send more information.

You may lose fans if you post too many times.

False. And False.

Have you tried it? Or are you living with the thought of that happening?

The truth is that you have to find the edge with email. You need to increase your sends from the unfortunate once a month mailer now.. to the once a week mailer… to twice a week or three times a week and find out where your subscribers begin to either

1. engage and open because they can tell you’re trying to get their attention


2. Unsubscribe but very likely were not opening before anyway (use your history to check on this)

You WANT them off your list if they weren’t opening!!!

They hurt your delivery to other people who do open.

And the qualm you have about posting too much in Facebook that will scare people away? I hate to tell you, but you need schooled on Facebook. It doesn’t work like a website. No one is coming to your page and only your page. They see you MAYBE in their timeline in the minutes they have to scroll while they’re sitting in a waiting room somewhere. The more you post the more your page will likely grow.

Dare you.

If it’s good quality.

That’s a big IF. Is what you’re posting important and valuable to a customer?

If you don’t have an objective when you post: don’t post it.

Be a loud message strong and proud of what you have to say.


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