No Customer Cares About You More Than The One Who Knows Your Story

How to Pitch Your Niche…

to your customer, the media, and most of all yourself

Tell Your Story

WHO are you… and Who is your business What you stand for and what you don’t

WHAT you do… include the transformation that someone gets in words they would use

WHY you do it… and why your business where it is and who it serves

Why your business – why do you choose your business and why should someone else?

HOW you do it… what unique spin is only yours? What’s unique about this program is…

If you can answer those questions, digging deep to the real core of them, the chance to connect with your prospective customers is so much greater and on an entirely different level. Do you know your story? That’s the real question. We sometimes are telling ourselves a story that isn’t the real one that matters. We’re still wearing a mask with that “if they really know who I am they won’t like me” kind of feeling.

I’ve not in 32 years come across anyone in fitness who doesn’t start wanting a “persona” instead of really wanting to be themselves. I think it’s true of people in any industry. We have an idea of what success looks like, what is the ideal of a successful person and instead of being real and loud about who that is we try to fake it and get to the top.

That’s advice we hear…fake it til you make it…right? I’ve given that advice in some instances. Yet, not where it is the heart of your business. You can’t fake to the top and them figure you’re it.

One manager with 10+ years of experience told me her passion was selling to people who are vulnerable and intimated or think everyone is watching them. She messaged them that everyone else feels the same way and no one is paying attention. She knows that advice well most likely because it’s a voice she has in her own head, right? Don’t we specialize in helping other people do things we wish we’d known, based on problems we have, or already did over come? Most of the time yes! Look at any vocation Dietitians often have flirted with eating disorders or have loved cooking and have weight issues- they aren’t all thin…we’re all human. Trainers usually either were athletes or flirted with over exercise and obsession with it or body consciousness themselves. Financial planners… have potentially gotten there to get out of their own struggle with money. To start…if you stay in it… you find a deeper vision. That story of struggle becomes the thing that is your attractive story.

Imperfection attracts far more than perfection. Even trainers who look “perfect” usually have some trait or quality that makes them vulnerable. They communicate that they really are not so stable and all together to their customers and because of become likable and relatable. Trainers who are timid, quiet, reserved can do very well because so are your customers.

The point? Just be you. All your flaws, the story you don’t want to tell, about why you’re here…it has stumbling blocks along the way. THAT is the thing to tell.

Social Proof from others telling their story about you changing their lives. That’s one of the best ways to use testimonials. When people can tie you to their success not just “personal training” but you, that’s a testimonial no one else can have.

Read your testimonials, listen to your videos. Do they speak of “personal training” and sell “anyone” or do they specifically say what’s different about YOU?

Major sales and marketing distinctions here. Read, reread, and have someone else look at your marketing like a “secret shopper” to help you.

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