This is Where Your Next Clients Come From

Wondering where your next clients come from? You’ve got the cert, the degree, the Lululemons and still not many clients filling your schedule or revenue filling your bank? 

When you’re ready for Facebook Ads, this is your episode.  

Small budget? 

Start your Facebook ads by creating a leads campaign. 

The Basics

To Begin Using Facebook ads:

  • You need a personal profile 
  • To Create a business page
  • From your business page you create a Facebook business manager.
  • This is where all of your ads are created.
  • Leads help you create an email list. This email list is where you’ll begin creating sales. 

Selling directly to a cold audience is expensive and the results are dismal. That means just deciding you have a program starting and you want to advertise is about 2 months too late. You ideally have started 2 or more months ago sending traffic to a lead generator that was free and you’ve been nurturing those new subscribers ever since. Now they’re warm leads who want the next step. 

Start by giving something that will lead to a sale later. 

The shorter that path to a sale the better.

At some point though, you’ll want to increase your traffic to an opt in that you know your ideal customer wants. 

The higher the conversion rate for you the better. Ideally you know that from looking at your Google Analytics. From it you can see how many land on your opt in page in a given date range. Then you can see how many land on your thank you page in a given date range. From the two you know your conversion rate, right? 

You want to be sure that you share the freebie to social, any existing email list and get as much traffic as possible 

Two Tips:

  • Keep the form filled on Facebook for the lowest cost leads. From your thank you page, which can double as your opt in page you’ll take them to the next step. An automation email will drop them right into your email list where you should have
  • Broad audience – that means about a million people

All CRMS have a Facebook integration. No matter what Customer Relations Management you use, you’ll find some support for connecting to Facebook. If you’re not technical, and don’t want to do your own ads at all, you DO want to know what’s possible. You need to know what numbers you want and are possible.

Ready for Traffic?

If you don’t have a freebie that converts, creating one is your first order of business. It’s how new leads that become your next clients get to know you and what you can do for them.

Share it with your most active and engaged social media channels. Test and establish that your ideal client wants it.


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