10 New Personal Training Revenue Streams (Without Tons of Time)

New personal training revenue streams are a welcome topic in 2021. If it was a tough year for you, there’s light ahead. But chances are with vaccines, increased feelings of safety, people are going to opt for more of a hybrid exercise style for a long time. They’ve invested in the at home equipment. They’re not just going to let that Peleton and the $49 monthly membership collect dust.

Plus, they’ve discovered they can and it’s convenient. They like it. And they’re getting results because it’s easier to fit it in. I think they’ll come back. We’re social beings. But having a hybrid option and many more revenue streams in place will post-pandemic proof your business. That’s going to be good in any economic struggle.

Fitness will always be essential. People seek positivity and movement. We are essential. But be prepared with options for individuals and for yourself.

10 New Personal Training Revenue Streams

  1. Add nutrition/lifestyle health coaching

Between active sessions or instead of them

  1. Affiliate with other pros

massage therapist, nutritionist, acupuncturist, stem cell physician, dermatologist

  1. Add supplements

  • Start a separate company
  • Bundle immune products
  • Bundle daily supplements
  • Consider protein, fiber
  1. Add digital products

  • Live, recorded
  • Workouts
  • Corrective exercise
  • Education
  1. Add group calls

To teach any above

  1. Create an online membership site

  • Grant perks like discounts from sponsors
  • Special percentage off
  • Add courses, recorded workouts, forums with access to Q and A
  1. Add group to private clients

Partner, small group, and large group

  1. Add adventure training

  • We will travel together again
  • What if you also traveled “together alone”
  1. Add family members or friends

For a discount, for coaching, for a family healthy mission

  1. Affiliate with equipment products

Rebounders, treadmills, bands, tubing, stationary bikes (you provide the workouts), weighted vests

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