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If You Know How To Sell You’ll Always Have A Job

If you know fitness you’ll probably always be in good shape. You won’t necessarily be making a living doing it. I’ve heard many personal trainers tell me “it’s true, I love my job.”

I love to hear that. What could be better than to make your living loving what you do and knowing that you make a difference by doing it?

Yet the same trainers who say it don’t believe their job is that of a sale person. Certainly not the CEO of Fitness Sales. But it is. We’re growing in leaps and bounds. That is the number of choices a customer has is growing. That includes all the options they have to never do anything:

  • liposuction
  • dieting
  • sit on the couch
  • cool sculpting
  • free exercise classes with membership
  • exercise alone
  • P90x or other video program
  • DVD stash under the DVR
  • stationary bike in the bedroom
  • treadmill in the basement
  • hiking
  • skiing
  • riding bikes outdoors
  • golf
  • gardening

There’s a hundred of them. Not all of them are good options but that’s not even a list of your actual personal training competition in town.

You have to be able to sell. A lack of understanding of the science of persuasion, the online relationship building, content marketing, authority and branding that has to be done if you want to be unique and different is growing rapidly. Industry associations are finally on the right page and bringing online marketing experts in to provide training for members at conferences this summer (IDEA World). It’s about time. Three years ago it began and those who are not experts but are marketers have taken the lead because those who have degrees and certifications have buried their heads in the sand.

If you don’t catch up you simply won’t play in the next 5 to 10 years. You’ll fade away. The 70 year old today is going to be internet strong in 10 years. That  means the aging market you may reach well now simply because you’re local you may not have so easily in a few years.

Learn to sell and you’ll stand strong. Selling is not accepting a customer who comes to find you. Selling is active, not passive. Stay tuned for this follow up and where you want to put 70% of your time and your money when you hire and train. Who makes your sales staff look good for the small fraction of what they do?


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