Where Is Your New Customer Traffic Coming From?

Where is your traffic coming from?

Where do people find you then opt in and get your “Freemium” gift? This of course in 2016 is the key to first impressions. It’s not new but I can visit 10 fitness center websites right now who don’t do this. They share the opportunity to get their “email newsletter.” Not many of us want to give up space in our inbox for more email newsletters we’ll likely never open.

You’re letting potential customers open and leave.

Google analytics will tell you its true. I hope you’re using it. Determine where people come on to your site and where they leave.

Do they come and see your group fitness schedule and leave? (They’re already customers 90% of the time if this is true).

What do you have for a new exerciser? For someone who might want a relationship with you but isn’t sure? They don’t know like and trust you at all yet and if you don’t have anything to give them to earn it they’ll go to the next website of someone within a 10 mile radius and find it.

“It” being a free video solving a problem, a guide or ebook, an infographic that explains how to _______ if they want _______.

If you think, I’ve done that before, it doesn’t work.

Just a thought, but you may have forgotten to promote it, share it, lead people to it. It may also have missed the marked: a pleasant way to say it s*#*% ed. If you don’t promote it, drive traffic to it, then count how many that get there actually consume it, and how many of those then actually take the next step (it’s not a sale)… you have not done that before. You’re pretending to have done it and failed to do the work.

Marketing is a marathon not a sprint to a sale. No relationship, no “launch” for two weeks before you even make it for sale, not tracking the numbers of where you attract, where you convert, where you lose them… no real marketing.

You can go all out with tracking or you can start simple. But you have to start. People and programs win over facilities every time. You may have a shiny new ________ but if you don’t have the personality and programs behind it, you’ll always be at risk for losing customers to the next…online program that serves them better, the next trainer with a studio basement, the university program that is simply just as good.

You can be “a choice” or the “best choice.”

Here are places you get traffic to your freemium – once you’ve built it. (More on that later if you’re still stuck there… read for more next blog.) These are not your freemium. These are the vehicles where you promote it. These are not where you promote straight to your programs and products for sale… with much success. Let’s face it, unless you’re spending money on ads, 1% of any fans on Facebook see your posts. Waste of time and offensive to fans and friends of fans who want fitness information from you. You can weave in behind great content your programs and links to them. You just can’t lead with them with much success.

Back to traffic driving. Which of these is your greatest source of traffic back to your website? You’re not linking back to your website with these? Why are you even using them? That IS after all the point.

  • YouTube
  • Your Website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Newsletter/Emails
  • Direct mail piece
  • Events
  • Outreach

You have tons of traffic?

No traffic problem, but you don’t have customers?… there could be a conversion problem: They come, they see, they leave.

The offer isn’t right for the customer you’re going for…or you have too many possible actions and a customer won’t do any of them.

ONE page (Your freemium sits on a page on your website) you link to in EVERY video…Facebook post…Tweet… to direct traffic

= no random chance they might get to the wrong page and stumble across all your content.

More is not better.

If you have multiple markets…

Create multiple videos, posts, articles for those markets and link to that specific lead magnet.

If ALL of your customers have ONE key focus (weight loss, belly fat, cellulite, golf performance) then just one freemium works. If your customers all have unique goals their focused on then multiple freemiums and multiple streams (listed above driving to each one works best).

Yes, it’s work. Did you think you were going to not have to work to get customers? You have to think. The “five ab exercises for a flat belly” that tries to satisfy the 50 year old with a back injury, the 20 year old with the freshman 15, the post natal mom… isn’t going to work. Even your customer is too smart for that today.

The more you try to create a large net to catch all fish…the less likely you are to have the right bait.

If you know you have ONE avatar who is your ideal customer…you know them better than anyone, you know how to answer questions and solve a problem with your lead magnet.

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