Why are Neighborhood Studios Out Charging Big Clubs and Collecting It?

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Why is a more expensive option with fewer amenities grabbing a bigger share of fitness business?

Customer service.



And it’s all in the customer’s perception. Someone who wants yoga is bound to hit a yoga studio.

Someone who wants triathlon coaching is bound to see a specialized center for multisport athletes.

If you’re the older adult fitness expert with 400 sq ft and unintimidating you’ll attract those customers who hate the big noise, moving parts and lights of a large club.

No matter which side of the business equation you’re on you can still win. You can’t win with old marketing though and you can’t win marketing the vast variety of services you have. Instead you have to isolate and focus on each unique customer you serve. We’ve learned to integrate in every other aspect of fitness but that strategy will fail you in marketing.

In a small business you’ll do best by narrowing your niche and sticking with it.

Instead of showing five images of different activities for instance you’ll do better showing three to five images of the same customer demographic doing things you empower them to do. That’s not lifting weights or riding a stationary bike. It’s hiking, crossing finish lines, picking up grandchildren or other “bucket list” things your customers have.

People are paying more. For what they perceive to be better.

You can create that perception yourself. Focus narrowly on your marketing. Know each one of your customers better than anyone and create marketing for each one-by-one.

They’ll soon be paying more to you.


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