Why You Need To Start Video Marketing or Level Yours Up Now

The Reasons Are Simple

YouTube is the #2 search engine.

In less than 18 months my own customer-focused YT channel has grown from 400 to 8K subscribers. What’s better, its now a small revenue stream on it’s own. What’s far better than that is those customers from around the globe join my email list to get the freebies that are relevant to the content I share. In my local area, the IP address from customers computers and the advanced settings in YT allow customers who want to find answers locally to find me first.

When your ideal customer does a search on Google, and they do, the top 7 or so (after ads on top) displays are where we all click. The ones with images or video thumbnails will get our attention first. The most current information (you must create regularly and consistently) will call to us. I want a video created in 2015 or 2016 over one created in 2012, don’t you?

Facebook videos (loaded directly to FB, do not pass YT or you do not collect $) get up to three times the views as YouTube video links posted to FB.

You could say using YT videos on FB is a waste of time if you have the raw video. Post to YT, yes, just don’t post from YT to FB. Upload directly to the platform. You can now also use video in your FB ads. And yes, you should be using FB ads but that’s an entirely different conversation. Get good at connecting emotionally with your customer first. This is NOT a commercially done video with staged Q and A to your clients necessarily. Tell a story. Your prospect wants to know YOU, why YOU, why YOUR BUSINESS before they’re ever going to believe a stranger’s testimonial.

Live FB video gets three times the engagement. 

Yes, go live. Ditch the ego and the self-consciousness at the lens. Your customer is probably overweight, intimidated, and if you can’t step into their shoes for a few minutes…or up to 20 on video talking to them live, why would they feel comfortable enough to come to you face-to-face?

You know the questions your customers asks. Answer them live. Then allow the viewers who’ve joined you to also join in asking questions. Call out whose question it is and respond.

It’s free. 

It’s personal.

It’s real and authentic.

It’s immediate. 

Here’s a recent article from Entrepreneur.  It will help drive this message home.

Putting video on your website is like being in someone’s living room…or their phone, which is on them 24/7 practically. You are in their pocket.

Start. Need a helpful hand? Besides knowing your intro, outro call to action, and the guts of the content, you have to know how to title and optimize a video to be found by the person you’re targeting.

Check out this free 4-part video series. It’s a mini-course in fitness video marketing. You need it NOW before Fall is here so that you’re launching with power for the attention of back to school and back to routine customers.

If you want to go to Fitness Video Marketing School… send me a response about the August Video mastermind where you’ll create videos on assignment, get them into YouTube for optimization, upload to Facebook, and do live streaming with peers who are growing their businesses along with you. Five spots left.

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