2 Must Read Books for Fitness Trainers & Fitness Entrepreneurs

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Must Read Books for Fitness Trainers & Fitness Entrepreneurs

Tuesday morning this week I was staying in a hotel in Dallas. I went down to the “fitness room” where there was a treadmill, a bike, and an elliptical along with some dumbbells.

It was small, dark, low ceilings. I thought… I’ll go outside and run. I stepped out unprepared for the temps and decided this would be a short one. I rounded the block and saw LA Fitness. I promptly went in and used… a treadmill, bike, and elliptical.

Seriously? I laughed at myself as I walked out realizing what I’d done. I tell you this because it relates to our episode today. The environment made it easier to get a harder, slightly longer workout.

Environment matters.

Welcome to the [first] Book reviews episode. This is the place to be if you’re looking for must read books – to read or listen to – that will build you up, grow your influence, expand your understanding… whether you want our cliff notes or you want to pick up the book yourself… we’ve got you covered.

First, my co-host for these book reviews:

Tom Durkin, Owner, operating manager of Ames Fitness and Fitness World Ankeny both located in the Midwest and CEO of Health & Fitness Management. He has 40 years in fitness industry sales, management, and ownership with over 2000 books in his personal library. Began at 200 and 300 training clients at two businesses and increased to 900K visits and 58,000 personal training sessions, 315 employees at the present time.

Questions we cover in this episode:

  • What must read books are we talking about today and who are the authors?

Willpower Doesn’t Work–Benjamin Hardy

The Power of Habit: Why we do what we do in life and business– Charles Duhigg

  • How influenced are you – or should others be – on “best seller lists”?
  • How much does the author’s background, credentials, and experience matter to you in your selection of what to read next?
  • What made these titles must read books?
  • What are three take-aways from each book?
  • What stands out from Willpower?
  • What struck you about Habits?
  • What if anything missed the mark on this/these books?
  • If you had to recommend a top 10 must read books to on habits of successful people… would either or both make the cut?

The people you surround yourself with influence your habits, your ability to examine your habits, and ability to change your habits.

Our next must read books:

Dark Horse – the guy that doesn’t do the standard education or path

Great By Choice– by Jim Collins

  • Beate Probst

    “Willpower doesn’t work” is one I haven’t read yet, so its on my list now. Thank you for the suggestion! The power of surrounding yourself with like minded one’s is so powerful. I highly value my business coach!

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