Must Have Policies and Forms For Your Business

You Will Be Tested

You’re working with people.

You’re working with emotional-based problems more than you’re not.

Think you don’t need many policies?

Think again.

The best time to think about them is BEFORE you need them. That is, before you start business. The next best time to think about them is now.

Policies you want to have in place:

1. A guarantee. Do you guarantee your service? Not results, that would be impossible. But do you guarantee your service…the trainer (you?) will be on time always, prepared with a workout, proved instruction on what to do between sessions, will be dressed and groomed appropriately, will communicate respectfully with undivided attention, will be available by phone, text or email between sessions to respond briefly to questions within a reasonable time…this might read like a list of ethics or business philosophy to you rather than a guarantee. It’s nothing to snooze about though. Many of your customers who have worked with someone before may NOT have received this kind of promise. To you, it reminds you that a minute late is faulting on your guarantee. Your next step is what do you do if you don’t keep it. Is it a money-back guarantee? A satisfaction guarantee? A risk-reversal guarantee? That means you not only give their money back, you give more for their wasted time. You’d give double their money, their money and a gift certificate to be used for another service, etc.

Yes, you’ll put yourself in a position that requires you to either step up or it will cost you. You may be concerned people will take advantage of you. They won’t. Not if you take the time to carefully write what you guarantee …and then do it.

2. A cancellation policy. This will save you a lot of problems whether you are the business or you’re in business and have trainers working for you. People will cancel. They may get the flu the night before a morning session. You don’t even want to see them sick but you do have bills that will come in regularly on the 1st and the 15th anyway. What do you do?

3. A lateness policy. Your client is running late. 15 minutes late. You don’t have an appointment afterwards, it’s your one break and you were going to workout. What do you do? Give her a discounted half session, give her the full session and cut your workout short or give her the remainder of her scheduled time?

4. A refund policy. Someone just decides after a couple weeks and one session out of many that they just don’t have time and now isn’t good for them to be doing this. Do you refund their money?

5. A payment policy. If you accept multiple payments on a purchase does it increase the amount of purchase? Do you require payment first before training? If you accept multiple payments do you make sure payment is ahead of training?

These will cost you a little brain power and time to sit down and write, a little more time to make sure they’re compiled so they can be presented in a professional way*….

These will cost you emotions, customers, and word-of-mouth if you don’t have them in place and abide by them as a standard across all staff members. The staff member who bends the rules for her customers is your weakest link.


*If you’re interested in how you can get access to templates for policies, the forms and the presentation shoot me a response to learn more about the Fitness Marketing Mastermind.

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