More Value Content You can Share with Personal Training Clients

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Gift giving time of year.

Your inspiring the world to fitness, right. So as your clients and prospects are looking for gifts for others provide them with plenty of ideas. You are a wealth of knowledge and may not know it because you’re oh so close to it!

You can do a quick send to your followers on facebook and twitter (there’s a hint here that if you’re not on them; your first step is to get there!)

Include your recipe for a good nights sleep! I mean..what’s on your night stand right now? Put down the trashy novel and no one will get hurt. I’m willing to bet if you’re as “into” your professional as passionate trainers are, beside your reading spot are at least two or three good reads full of information that your customer would benefit from.

List your recent reads or your top three, five or 10 from 2011. Share with them your summary and why you’re reading it. Give it a rating of stars 1-5. Make it fun and newsy with no hooks.

Here’s what’s on my night stand and what I’m sharing with followers (you!):

Green Smoothie Revolution- because I wanted to boost my immune system after doing an Ironman last month I picked this up and have been drinking one a day since Thanksgiving. I feel great whether because of the extra vegetables and fruit servings providing antioxidants or because I feel virtuous…I’m hoping to coast through flu season sick-free. The information on why and how and recipes that provide ways to rotate greens are helpful. I have poured just one down the drain, and drained the rest. 4stars

The Blue Zones– Some cultures in our world live longer and do it healthier and the author set out to find out why and what was common about where they live, how they live, and the habits, thoughts and actions that contribute to their longevity and happiness doing it. It was a topic of many TV specials a couple years ago and I’ve read articles about the book but have yet to dive into the book. I’m looking forward to it and to using the content for wellness tips. 4 stars

The Smarter Science of Slim– author Jonathan Bailor has proven he is an excellent marketer. If his content-rich book is half as good as his marketing team, it will be a best seller simply because the topic matter is something everyone wants to have—the secret revealed; what’s true, what’s myth and misinterpreted by the diet industry. It may become a resource for group classes. It may or may not be gospel but it will be controversial; thus a best seller. I’m going to read it thoroughly if only because I think consumers will and I need to be able to respond. The upsell before the read: 5 stars


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