The #1 Social Media Mistake Costing You More Fitness Customers

more fitness customers
Are you snoozing on social media marketing?

The way you’re measuring social media success is costing you more fitness customers.

The #1 biggest mistake fitness business make is that they’re not measuring. The second biggest mistake is that they’re measuring fans and followers. The third biggest mistake is that they’re measuring fans and followers and engagement. Then they stop. That’s all. Does this sound familiar? The mission is to fill slots and make sure your posting something. The social media staff member is tasked with posting clever or cute images and quotes. Like food either is medicine or poison, marketing is not neutral. It either hurst or helps. Any effort in your business that takes time, money, and energy either increases your brand positioning and results or it hurts you. If you’re the social media manager, or if you hire one who needs to be empowered to help you more, there’s a better way. Every action you take in your workout has a purpose. Every action you plan in a 30 minute training session has purpose – and gets results – or soon the client will stop paying you. Likewise, every action you take with social media should be measured for results. It’s about getting more fitness customers. How are you measuring social media activity’s influence on your ability to acquire more fitness customers?

The fitness business social media best-practice list

Measure the following weekly:
  • Number of fans/followers
  • Engagement (shares, pins, retweets)
  • Conversion to email
  • Conversion to product/service sale
  • Conversion to blog
  • Traffic from blog to store
  • Conversion to website traffic
  • Conversion to ________________ (consultation bookings, free trial, etc.)
Set up a simple spreadsheet to track across all your social media platforms. Don’t make the mistake of ending your social media performance tracking with the first two on the bulleted list above. You want buyers not fans. You want more fitness customers not followers, or even likes or shares.

A Post Isn’t Just A Post

If you’re asking, how do I do all that? It’s time to make use of tools you probably already have and aren’t using. Using trackable links on social media for when someone signs up for your juicy freebie to get to your email list is a start. Stop. Did you just get stuck? You don’t have a juicy freebie? You’re not attracting anyone to your email list by creating content that works like little soldiers 24/7 while you’re sleeping? Why not? In 2018, online searches are the #1 way customers find you no matter where they or you are in the world. No matter if they are 65 or they’re 25. They will find you online. Why not make it easy for them to click and for you then to reach out to them in a meaningful way based on what they asked, or asked you for? It’s time. The longer you ignore this if you have a brick-and-mortar business, the more of your prospects someone who is doing this will take. What do your fitness customers need most? What do they ask? What can you create that gives them a small quick win and takes very little time to consume? That, is your best next step to more fitness customers. Back to the list. You can track all of those numbers weekly and base changes on social media actions. When your actions become more deliberate and focused on the end result, you’ll have more fitness customers to count. Need help creating a funnel that gets you more fitness customers? Book a session to talk about your business.
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