Are You Missing Out on the Most Effective Free Fitness Marketing Tool?

Fitness marketing is more and more competitive. It doesn’t matter if you are a solo personal trainer, or a full-service facility, there is more noise distracting your customers right now than ever before. Why not tease your most engaging content in the most engaging way on Facebook (and online period) to reach your customers?

It’s free.

It’s easy.

It’s non-intimidating for them.

It’s a perfect way to showcase what you know, how you relate to clients, and demonstrate your ability to ‘get them.’

It’s video.

Fitness Marketing Undeniable Truths

If you scroll…through Instagram or Facebook and see a video start to play you probably watch for at least a few seconds.

If you search for something on Google and a video comes up in the top 7, you’ll click on that first.

How do I know? Statistics. Over 90% of people do.

Now, they won’t watch long if it’s not good. But they will start. The rest is up to you.

  • It has to be relevant to the topic they searched and the reason they clicked.
  • It has to get right to the point. (You have 3 seconds to get attention and about 3 more to keep it or they’ll leave if you don’t get to the point.) You may get lucky and have those concerned citizens tell you in the comments that you’re talking too much and not getting to the point, take my word on this one! But guess what? You don’t care because by leaving a comment they’ve HELPED your engagement. And you at least know how to improve.

Video Fitness Marketing

All you need to work the video game on Facebook, and YouTube, and Instagram is:

  • Topics that most engage your target customer (you do know what they ask, right? easy!)
  • Optimal length (or brevity) for ads and Live, and canned
  • How to juice the crowd before you even begin your video
  • A comparison of Live to non-live videos (if you’ve been watching my Facebook page you have a hint about this)
  • Optimal amount and the specific TYPE of text to include in description AND comments for Live Facebook videos, YouTube videos, and Instagram
  • Checklist for the most engaging Facebook and YouTube videos

Proof Fitness Marketing with Video Works (and How)

  • I’ve grown (organically until last week) my YouTube channel to 39K. It is the #1 source of organic traffic.
  • From that organic YouTube channel I’ve quadrupled my email list in the last 12 months. (not YT alone, but it plays a BIG part)
  • I’ve used LIVE Facebook video series or challenges to grow my email list by having an opt in for a juicy “must-have” for a mini-course. 350 opt ins in a 5 day period and a trickle effect after that is evergreen. (This was a funnel for group coaching beginning 2 weeks later directly relevant to the content. Status of the group: FULL. Status of the marketing cost: about $40 to build a small funnel, and have the graphics done on a simple PDF).
  • Instagram videos are slightly less effective at growth. I don’t care. They are widely successful for getting attention and then driving to an opt in or special directly relevant.

Fitness Marketing Now: The Longer Lifecycle

This is 2017. Marketing has a longer life than it ever did. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a building, delivering to homes, or offering online services. Especially if you’re trying to serve adults over 40. They’re shopping and they’re savvy. They’ve seen a wide variety of customer service and they know what they want … and don’t.

People who need fitness and aren’t just going to drop in your lap (80%of the marketing we’re STILL missing) are intimidated. They are NOT going to run right in for a free consultation. They know they’ll be told they’re fat and out of shape and subjected to a sales pitch.

They will however stay tuned if you’re offering information that helps them solve a problem.

No, you don’t have to give away the farm. That’s one fear about marketing with content.

But, could you even?

Isn’t there just volumes of information that a newbie or even a long time exerciser whose situation has changed needs to know?

You can never be “done” teaching, coaching, and helping.

Lose the fear that:

  • You will look silly
  • You will look arrogant
  • You are really an imposter (and someone with more education/experience will realize that you don’t really know what you’re talking about)
  • Your arms will look fat (Yep. Had a training director feel like that was the one thing that bothered her about her video)
  • You aren’t perfect
  • You’ll get tongue-tied

Being any of those is something that makes you more approachable, and more human: everyone has “imposter” syndrome and has their own insecurities come up. The only way around it… is through it. If you’re afraid of being uncomfortable you’re in the right place.

Play bigger.

Big fish little pond? Or do you really have a message to share with the world?

If you know you have the ability to help people, don’t you feel like it’s time you started reaching out?

You’ve got gifts, and classes, information people need. Share it in this simple way..for free!! Start.

I dare you to record a video today. (you can erase it you know: you don’t have to go live on your first one)

Don’t be perfect unless it helps you with confidence. The videos I make on the fly, post-workout, sweaty, visor-hair, or like today… bloody from a fall on a trail run… get the most comments and engagement.


It’s real life. I don’t put on make up to workout or go to the store every day, do you? They like real. They crave real. There’s way too much reality show BS that is not real.

The world needs you. On video.


P.S. Once you have some video, be sure it has purpose. The second worse thing you can do after you overcome not doing video, is post video just to post video. Even with a message and value, you want a call to action and a reason or objective for every video. What’s the NEXT step you’re directing someone to take and that they can do immediately…that makes sense with the level of relationship you have if they’ve seen you just once?
Think it through. Plan a campaign as if you were spending thousands of dollars on it, because that’s what the value is potentially, or the loss if you don’t have a step-by-step campaign strategy.

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