Mindset of Winner – What They Do and What They Avoid

 In professional development

Winners Do This:

1. They know what they believe in, what they represent and what they don’t. They approach a decision based on these simple things … as they affect the future growth they want not as they effect the immediate challenges that might be created because of them.

Their reaction isn’t …that’s going to be too much work…. that’s going to take too much time…I don’t know how to do that… 

It is ….I’ll figure that out…we aren’t the first ones to do that … we’ll get help….we’ll ask someone who knows and has done it…

2. They have an open mind and know they are more like than different. They are ready to accept the advice of what has been proven and works as well as ideas that are new and foreign to them or the way they’ve always done it. They realize if they want change and scaled growth they have to change how they do things and think.

They don’t use words like …. that won’t work for me…this won’t work …in my town …. with our community….that won’t work here. 

3. They implement quickly. If the idea is talked about decided upon, advised…the implementation begins immediately. They know the rule of waiting. Time means procrastination. You find more reasons why something won’t work and other ways to spend time going nowhere fast or going in a different direction.

Winners know they will always have a lot going on at once. They don’t get stuck trying to get ready to get ready. If they’ve looked at what needs to happen they do it.

4. They know the stronger energy wins. When they have customers, employees, or colleagues who disagree and don’t see straight line to growth they continue to stick with what works with absolute commitment. They don’t compromise and they don’t pretend to know when they don’t know. They accept the won’t know the answers all the time. They know they can’t just decide to do what they want to do  and that business has a proven track record in most industries.

Winners know that their energy, backing, voice will change things even when they’ve accepted the guidance of someone else to show them what those steps are to win.

The Other Mindset….

Says….That won’t work for us… 

I don’t want to do that….

I think this way will work and I’m more comfortable with it…

What we’re doing isn’t working but I don’t want to change…

Everything is new at some point. Yet, everything that is new for YOU, has probably been done before: it’s 2015!

At one point, no woman had ever done the Boston marathon. Until one did. She bootlegged and joined and was almost mauled as it was discovered she was indeed a woman running in the marathon.

At one point there was no such thing as a skort. Until there was. Triathlete Nicole DeBoom decided there ought to be a more feminine side to workout wear for women. It would be something they didn’t mind running in or wearing to do errands afterwards. She didn’t have a clue about how to make clothes.

When her husband Tim first asked her “how are we going to do this? …we don’t know any thing about this?” She responded, “well I’m wearing clothes, you’re wearing clothes…someone figured this out. We’ll find out from them.” And her business SkirtSport was born.

If someone has figured it out, ask them for help. Ask for the right thing. Someone can teach in a class room or teach continuing education courses…who has never done the work in a business successfully. Someone can “consult” who has never worked in the same position doing repeated what they’re suggesting that you do.

There are podcasts and videos and posts all over the internet…of real “OVERNIGHT success stories” = or wanna-be successes. They want to advise you based on having not done it themselves. ? I hope you have filled in the blank already on this one…that taking that advice…just because it’s given…is not what Winners do.

The answer you want is not always the one that will get you to the level of success you want to be. You may have to change rates, change people, change programs. If you’re attached to what people think, staying comfortable, and being friends with everyone, more than doing the right thing for your customers you’ll be watching winners do it differently.


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