Do You Have the Mindset for Growing Your Personal Training Business?

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You don’t love sales.

Few trainers do. Maybe you’re the exception to the rule.

In 34 years of fitness industry work, before personal training was the second question after membership in gyms (and wisely I believe, the first) fitness-minded experts didn’t love their jobs in fitness centers outside of teaching classes or leading members through the machines. (and yes, that’s what a “set up” was for everyone at one time). When they had to shift from selling new members from teaching or demonstrating exercise, job satisfaction plummeted. The score of the game changed and the way to win wasn’t something most trainers ever focused on before that moment when they were supposed to be good at it.

Today, every personal training text or sports & fitness management text has a chapter at least on objections and how to overcome them. There is little time spent on role play, follow up, the language of marketing however whether you’re in a semester course or you’re reading your certification book at home by yourself, or going to an exam prep workshop.

Yet, it’s the gate between you and you helping anyone.

The psychology of selling is a science all it’s own. For you and for the buyer there is much going on. If you don’t have the mindset for growing yet, and you can be in it without having a growth mindset, for years! You can think because you’re doing some training that you’re successful. Only you know the answer to that and whether it’s sustainable business helping you, your family, and reaching the numbers of people you want to, or if its something that fills the time you have available when you’re not doing something else you want to do more.

If you’re truly interested in growth and shaking things up for you and for those who depend on you, whether it’s employees or it’s clients you have yet to touch, there’s three things to keep in mind.

Listen to this recent podcast – it’s the first of a three-part series of short podcasts.

The truth is there is a lot of opportunity there for anyone who wants to take their knowledge and use it to better lives. Having recently been a subject matter expert for another ACE exam I was reminded that certification exams are only to prove the minimum amount of competency needed to enter the field. Questions were often tossed or dumbed down during this process with that in mind. Yet once you graduate college, no one cares about your GPA. Similarly, no one knows to ask anything more than “are you certified?” when they first seek a trainer.

You can show them the difference with the right language, images, and marketing. Before that first touch if they happen to stumble into you … it’s a gamble unless you have the mindset to determine what will attract them, how to do it consistently, and what you need next to grow yourself.

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