Still Teaching Multiple Fitness Classes & Sessions a Day? | Episode #279

Fitness professionals…Are you teaching multiple fitness classes a day online?

Running personal training sessions online and doing the workouts with clients?

Feeling beat up, exhausted, tired all the time?

All the while juggling….

  • Keeping a facility afloat
  • Home schooling 2 kids
  • Operating as a single mom
  • Or juggling time with spouse/partner and family
  • Caregiving to aging parents

In the past two weeks, I’ve heard all of those. Many of them from the same person. You can’t sustain a life or income stream by doing that. If you go down it all crumbles, right?

It’s beyond time to work smarter… and it’s easier than ever

There is a way better business model.

It’s not just that the 1990s called and wants what you’re doing back.

It’s time to let go of limiting beliefs you have about online training.

And… it’s your time. There has NEVER been a better time to create something as a solo entrepreneur that serves people, uses your skills and talents without burning you out.

Listen, first get this:

Health coaching is a multimillion dollar a year industry.

And access to classes does not have to be live.

Be honest.. have you been correcting people in your class on their form? Really giving them feedback? Then there is VERY little different from the perspective of your customer between a recorded session (that allows them to pause and rewind) and live.

The convenience of having access 24/7 so they aren’t dependent on you at a certain time is a WIN for them. A benefit you can charge them for. If they love you, they love you.

Let me back up and talk about health coaching again.

I began health coaching back in 1995 and raised my rates when I went from meeting clients in person to meeting them on the phone with the convenience of being in my home or traveling when I did it.

When I stopped training completely (by then I was only doing 2-3 sessions a week at most anyway) 3 years ago my 50-minute personal training sessions were $100 while coaching is about $300 per 50-minute session for one-on-one. When I do a group I make $500-700 per session. If a group didn’t reach that revenue I’d either cancel or we’d look for a few more participants.

Why Do One-on-One

But I don’t even do one-on-one anymore except for a handful of professional women I love to work with. Because I can’t afford to. A group coaching program triples my hourly revenue but even then, managing a business that brings in 6 figures a month means that my time may be more valuable spent elsewhere. When I do it because I enjoy it, I’m in the comfort of my own home or in a hotel or with my mom.

I have an online business.

Most people have no idea what that means. You might hear it and think that means I’m a personal trainer delivering one-on-one sessions online. Not ever have I done that. Not once.

What Does an Online Business Look Like?

Here it is. Yes, I’ve been a personal trainer, medical exercise specialist, strength and conditioning coach with all the certs… yoga, Pilates…. For years.

But I’m not doing it daily. I’m not even doing it weekly unless I’m launching a new program. Even then, I often don’t need to create a new workout, I can use pieces of prior programs. It’s all there!

So, I’ve created programs once…. ONCE. And sold them for years. I’ve put thousands of women through them for $97 – $249 and then they go on to do the next thing, I’ve also already created once and sold hundreds and then thousands of times.

And so can you.

I laugh when trainers say my Flipping50 Fitness Specialist course is more expensive than most. Whatever you’re thinking of doing with it … you’re thinking too small, my friend. You no longer have to think about the people within a 25-mile radius who will be willing to drive to you. You don’t have to wonder if people will show up for your 4 o’clock class.

Since 2020: Fitness Has Changed

Fitness has changed for fitness professionals. It’s become convenient for consumers. They can choose from anyone in the world. Don’t let that scare you, because most fitness professionals don’t spend time getting to know and care about their customers. They don’t polish their communication and marketing skills. They don’t know how to write copy.

But you can.

If you’d like to learn more about how to do that…

And how to promote that so you aren’t lost in the sea of trainers, health coaches, Pilates and yoga instructors, and barre classes available… all online vying for the same customers right now…

Then I encourage you to take a step.

Step I

First, register for the 5-Day Build Your Business bootcamp to grow your business. It’s the start of growing your presence, your confidence, your clarity about your message. If you’ll commit to yourself and your business for 5 days, you’ll have the process that’s grown my following to over 200,000 women in my niche, who then join my email list, who then join programs.

Wherever you are in your process of starting, growing, or scaling your business so you don’t have to do everything personally or physically and finally can have freedom and health you’re teaching others to have… in order to get a change, you have to change.

Step II

Next, if you work with midlife women, register for the Flipping50 Fitness Specialist course. This month you get a complimentary Marketing to Women Copywriting Course with your purchase. If you’re worried about the cost, you and I need to spend time together so you understand how to make the single sale that pays for that and then keep doing that over and over again.

We’ll do that with a virtual conference late fall to help you outline the business – and the life with freedom – you want.

Links to Resources:

5-Day Build Your Business Bootcamp

Flipping50 Fitness Specialist

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