Start and Grow Your Menopause Coaching Services in 2021

Interested in providing menopause coaching services?

Whether you’re dreaming about having a job you love getting out of bed in the morning for, or you want to ditch your cubicle (or shall we say, kitchen) life right now? Or you love the idea of using your skills and talking to women who want, need, and deserve support… menopause coaching services may just be for you.

Before you dive in though you need absolute clarity about 3 things.

You need absolute clarity about 3 things:

  1. Where you get your leads
  2. How you convert them
  3. How you deliver the transformation they want

Now each of those can go into even more depth.

Take leads for example

That is all about knowing your avatar, or ideal client.

  • How well do you know what your audience wants, hates, needs, and has already tried?
  • What is it that you will give them that is so enticing that they will want to learn more from you and voluntarily give you their email address?
  • How quickly can they consume it and get a quick win?
  • Clarity here is important too. Is your message absolutely clear to them?

Then we can look at the way that you convert leads into customers.

  • Do you email them and then make an offer?
    Do you set up a phone consultation?
  • Do you offer an in-person consultation, first session, or assessment?
  • And… how good are you at converting them? Do you know what you’re going to say, how you’re going to say it and have confidence about that?

Last of those three things you need to be absolutely clear about is how you deliver the service.

Take for instance our Advanced Flipping 50 Fitness Specialists.

They can coach via phone, Skype, Facetime, Zoom or in person if that’s convenient for the client. It depends on the nature of your service and on the geography between you and your client. I, for example will meet via Skype or Facetime with my international clients. We are going over exercise plans, but we’re not working out.

I’m writing a plan for them, and then may provide just that, ask for video of them doing moves to assess them, and I may provide video for those less inclined to follow workouts on their own. I’ve been training this way since the mid 90s. It’s Training Peaks style, though I use my own website and member area.

What Speed are You Going?

Next up, I’m going to walk you through speed. Speed is going to be important for you to look at now and consider whether it’s a match for what you need to happen.

If for instance it takes you a long time to even get leads that you need to fix right away.

I’m sure you can see that as a problem because without what we call traffic whether it’s walking in the door or hitting your website, no traffic means no customers sooner or later.

Is It Your Livelihood?

And if it takes you weeks or months to convert most of your customers, what are you going to live on and eat meanwhile?

The goal would be that once you’ve listened to what your ideal customer wants to buy, you’ve created that and you’ll sell that and they’ve been waiting and excited to get it. Or if they’re new to your list, then they will want to buy it within a predictable time because it’s a great fit for exactly what they wanted.

When it’s predictable how long it will take you to get new customers after you get leads you can relax a little about having a stable revenue. To increase it you’d do more advertising! That’s easy!


You then have to talk about how effectively you’re doing these things.

What is the rate of conversions on your leads?

Because if you’re only converting a small number (less than 40% of people who come through) there’s a gap in the quality of leads that you’re attracting or in the messaging and that’s something you want to dig into.

Measuring What Matters

  • The biggest question is, are you measuring what matters?
  • The number of leads within a certain time period.
  • The number of those leads that converted within a specific period depending on your campaign.
  • The number of those leads that convert later.

Depending on the sophistication of your CRM or customer relationship management, in other words, your email and data tracking, you can track these numbers there.

And you can also track where your money is coming from. Then from those products and services you can look at how much time it took you. You’ll learn if there’s really a profit margin for you when you take out your expenses.

Menopause Coaching Service

A menopause coaching service like that of the Flipping 50 Fitness Specialist is a business. You want to treat it like one, whether you coach 10 hours a week or you coach 40. Customers expect a level of service that can only come from you investing in yourself, your business, and delivering the best over time.

I’ll link in the show notes to a master class where you can get more information about how to learn more about the business side of personal training and health coaching. I can definitely spare you a few mistakes, and help you find your distinguishing factors that make you exactly the coach someone is looking for.

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