If You Meet Other People As If You Were Throwing The Party You Win

Putting In Your Appearance?

When you attend with the attitude that you have to go and put in your appearance you don’t have the spirit the give. When I was married to someone very connected in business we had a lot of social invitations. It was never a lot of fun and I suspect it was because the spirit of it was having to go. Needing to for customer relationships.

Yet, when you have that attitude there isn’t much relationship building. Don’t you just end up standing on one side of the room watching instead of really being involved and enjoying yourself. That is the difference between someone who successfully networks and someone who may actually hurt themselves by attending events.

Go with the spirit of giving that included enjoying yourself. Let people know your story and that you’re having fun. While there are boundaries to professional and personal life if you’re authentic you actually do have a good time with you attend a life event for someone you care about.

That’s the giving spirit. If you can put yourself in that state of mind, go. If you can’t you should have someone else go in your place or decline and do something amazing in your absence.

When you’re at an event instead of acting as a guest, act as if you were a part of the hosting committee. Have a good time. Make sure others have a good time and that its your responsibility that they do.

Every fitness business is basically the same. Walls floors windows. Equipment. Intervals, Core work, stretching. Talk about nutrition and sleep. Great workout, see you next time. It’s the customer service between and the way you make them feel that makes the difference between you and the person down the street or inside YouTube they think they have access to.

Give a part of yourself. Let them see you…. having fun, not at work. People crave a part of you. Knowing you they feel more loyal to your business.

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