How to Leverage Your Medical Fitness Knowledge

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If you’re working in medical fitness or want to this episode and the information about the Medfit Network is a must listen. If you’re wondering how to leverage your knowledge, how to connect with physicians and get referrals, this is the place to be.

My guest is Lisa Dougherty, founder of the Medfit Network. Lisa graduated from the University of California, Irvine’s Fitness Instructor Program, and went on to get her Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise. She has many specialty certifications to work with those with medical conditions, post-surgical/rehab as well as pre-& postpartum fitness.

Lisa founded the MedFit Network, an online national registry of fitness & allied healthcare professionals who have education and provide services for those with chronic disease, medical conditions, disabilities, and women’s health issues.

She established the MedFit Education Foundation in 2017 to facilitate education for professionals to keep up-to-date with the latest information on prevention, treatment and preserving the quality of life for those with medical conditions, chronic disease, etc via, webinars and a national traveling conference.

Lisa launched MedFit TV this year, a collection of educational videos, webinars, and interviews with leading experts in their related fields.  It is free to the public and MedFit Network professional members and subscriber-based for all other professionals.

Lisa has been recognized as a fitness leader several times including Personal Fitness Professional Magazine and the Huffington Post. She was also acknowledged by the White House as a Champion of Change finalist in 2016.

Lisa and I discussed these things during the podcast: 

  • How she started personal training
  • The fact that “special pops” is now most of everyone we train yet when Lisa began there was no education or easy access to continuing education. What was that like?
  • Lisa’s real purpose now is going to make a remarkable impact on the personal training industry and she shares how she’s doing it on this episode.

Questions we answer on this episode:

  • How can you be a part of Medfit Network?
  • What are the requirements or screening?
  • How do trainers become a part?
  • What’s the mission for MFN?
  • How is MFN getting the word out there?
  • How can trainers benefit from MFN?

Lisa’s tips for leveraging medical fitness expertise: 

  1. Strong website – keyword-rich articles
  2. Create a Network

Use, refer, and get referrals

  1. Write for others and establish credibility from a third party

Resources Lisa mentioned: 

The E-mythby Michael Gerber

If you are a medical fitness pro or allied health professional and would like to join MedFit Network:  www.MedFitNetwork.Org

If you’d like to learn more attending, speaking at or being a sponsor at the MedFit Tour: www.MedFitTour.Org

If you’d like check out webinars, videos and interviews visit:  www.MedFitTV.Org

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