Marketing Your Personal Training Special

A trainer recently sent me some ad copy to use as a post on our cardio equipment inside our club. It invited the reader to ask for more information about our bootcamps at the front desk.

It’s a great idea. But it stopped at that. The bootcamps we offer are diverse in terms of time of day, the demographic that’s attracted, whether they’re for women or co-ed, for boomers or more sports specific. The ad copy didn’t do it justice.

Choose your words carefully so you can attract the audience mostly likely to respond, and most likely to be happy about registering because it is going to satisfy their need.

Where to start? Right about now you should have your first quarter of 2012 set but if you don’t you had better get that set and then begin marketing it. Set your timeline. When will January offerings get posted and when will registration be accepted? Back up from that and when do flyers, laminating, and displays and newsletter content need to be done? When do facebook posts and tweets need to be scheduled?

First you have to write the copy. Answer these questions.

Who is the target market?

For what pain or problem is the session a solution?

What is unique about the session?

What is unique about the trainer?

The right copy will feel like someone points at the right person for the class and they say- “yes, that’s me, I need that class!”

The wrong copy will be written as if it should appeal to everyone and in truth, appeals to no one.

We all want to feel special. So treat your reader as if they are special. Do one thing with your session and do it extremely well. You’ll get the people to register who really need what you’re offering, leave anyone who would be frustrated by being in the wrong session off the list, and be very successful because of the very satisfied customers you’ll have at the end of the session….waiting for the next thing you’ll offer them!!

Not Seeing the Results You Want?

Do you push yourself harder when you work out with others?

Do you find yourself tired of the same or similar workouts every time?

Do you feel limited by a knowledge of all the possibilities and what’s best for you?

Do you want to say “yes” when asked if you love the results you have from your fitness?

Get the right Bootcamp for your needs. Two early morning and one evening option all at South.


Are Your Joints Saying No When Your Head Says Yes?

Want to find a way to get the intensity you want without excessive stress on knees, hips and shoulders?

Would you like to strengthen knees, hips, and shoulders to prevent further injury risk and gain mobility?

Do you want to have fun exercising in a peer group?

Register for Boomer Camp now at the front desk. Two days a week, or register for just one to do in combination with your other fitness activities.





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