Marketing Magic You Might Be Throwing Away

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Start Digging In The Garbage

If you’ve put time, money, and energy into building a program and you had no return you can’t blame the program!

The marketing failed. It’s not even (that you know yet) that there is no need, want or demand.

Well, let me clarify: there may be no want.

You need to package what a customer needs in a way that they want it in order to have gold in marketing.

Dig that old thing out of the garbage.

Did you market to the person who is ideal for the service?

Did you portray that person in the outcome they want in the image?

Did the headline on the flyer or the subject line in the email clearly state the problem a person wants solved and how you’re the answer? (one out of two of those is OK!)

If not…go back to your work and change ONE thing. Send it again.

Then change another thing.

Send it again.

Eventually things will begin to suggest what resonates with your target market/your ideal customer.

But done is better than perfect. Don’t think about it. Do it.

The truth is only by testing like this can we from the educated, see the problem, side of things reach people who aren’t as aware as we are!

No time to wait. New Year’s is 6 weeks away!


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