4 Ways Dating Advice Will Boost Marketing for Health & Fitness Pros

4 Ways Health & Fitness Pros Can Create Income Right Now


This episode is such an accidental marketing for health & fitness pros post! Seriously, maybe the universe is sending me a message but I keep getting sent to dating sites. And then an article popped up with dating advice. For kicks, I read it. And I felt as if I could practically have changed the title and made it a post for marketing for health coaches. 

Alas, I did not! Look AI may be what you’re using to create a draft, but I hope plagiarism nor AI is running your business. The playing field is way too level if you do that. There’s no YOU in it. 

So here’s to your first date and everyone therefore after, with your new ideal customers. 

Use Your Personality: Or Your Brand Personality 

Why would you ever want to attract someone by acting in a way you aren’t? Say you’re introverted and you like movie nights, dinner for two and you go online to a dating site and make it sound as if you’re the life of the party and enjoy dancing in clubs to dancing in the living room. 

Likewise, don’t get yourself all excited and enthusiastic if you are calm, quiet, and subdued in working with clients. 

If you use words like “girlfriend” and people don’t like it, do you change or do you use what attracts people who DO like it? If you would stop using some term that actually fits your ideal customer, because a stranger disliked it, you’re like Julia Roberts’ character in Runaway Bride who doesn’t know what kind of eggs she likes and changes based on who she’s with. 

Start with Flirting 

Never forget that if you’re in-the-face, and skipping the education or you’re in a frenzy when talking… you alienate anyone already intimidated by overwhelming information, or in a frenzy with life themselves! 

Just flirt. Share some science. Explain the science. Listen, scientific studies are misinterpreted ALL-THE-TIME… so go back to your grad school 101 courses on interpreting types of science studies and know that this information is so very basic and much needed. Many women don’t realize the difference between a small study and a large one, an 8-week, and a 10-year, a split routine, and total body, the sequence of exercises, or the amount of rest and impact on them. 

Just little things. One thing at a time. A flirty look takes seconds and has you looking again in a few minutes right? Exactly. 

Ask for Advice

Marketing for health & fitness pros has never been so easy! This one is foolproof if you share something that matters to your audience. 

What should you wear for a photo shoot? What should you call your next program? How would you describe our business? Which colors do you like best? What logo design is your favorite? 

Women love to give their opinions! And they will. What they say may or may not be as important to you as the engagement. DO be prepared for responses and then comment!! On every single one! 

I’ve gotten great responses to ingredients in a new product, to which dress to wear to an event, and which tights to wear at a photoshoot. 

Ask Some Questions that They’ll Ask (subconsciously) After 

  • Did I feel heard? 
  • Is there something that makes me curious to know more? 
  • Did I feel more energized?
  • Did I laugh or smile? 
  • Do I feel a little more inspired or excited?  

Marketing for health & fitness pros from dating advice – who knew!? But you truly are starting a new relationship. Let them see the real you, or the you that is your brand. 

4. Package all of These Income Generators together. 

Send an email today, suggesting a new group starting that’s focused on a problem you know a lot of your community have, offer it at 20% higher rate than normal – it’s specialized afterall – (or suggest you are going to raise the rate after this beta group and they want to get in now to take advantage of it. Offer an upsell for more private time with you, or simply an add-on that you know they’ll need to have to be successful. 

Think like … You HAVE to. Sometimes you just have to imagine.. That you do in order to get out of your way and do what was always possible anyway. 

Your email list should provide you that kind of cushion. You have the ability to send an email and make money every single day. Are you using it?

Which one will you use first? 

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