Are You Making Promises You Can’t Keep?

Do you have clients that are doing it all right and still not losing?

Do you have clients that are having odd reactions to a healthy diet?

Do you want to get better results for clients with stubborn weight loss issues and be the expert in your area?

This is rare for me. I’m taking a detour from marketing and sales for this post.

Then again, when we’re transparent about our business, it’s all integrated. So if we’re programming, marketing, and selling, we better be d___ sure we can deliver on the promises that we’re making.

That’s where a friend of mine comes in. Dr Ritamarie Loscalzo has a training program for practitioners like you that is amazing.

Let’s face

it, time is of a premium. I’ve spent 4 hours this week studying marketing and sales strategies via webinars, and live coaching groups. I’ve spend 3 hours on practical skills. Those things have to happen if you’re going to stay alive and win in the future but it’s hard to be sure.

This is one training that is worth your time.

Aside from learning how to help clients with blood sugar problems and insulin resistance that aren’t even detectable in clinical testing yet, you will gain confidence that I’ve found is holding so many trainers back from reaching the level of success they want.

You’ll feel more confident about charging more. You’ll gain a list of testimonials from clients who are thrilled to give you credit when no one else was able to help them.

Ritamarie’s program alone is worth full price. But instead she’s offering it at half the rate for a short time and throwing in so many bonuses that you’d be crazy not to get started.

The information, the process, the marketing, the support…all at your convenience. You don’t have to mark your calendar for a time that you can’t make.

This won’t be available for very long.

The problems of obesity, weight loss resistance, hypoglycemia, insulin resistance … are going to plague your clients for a long time. They aren’t finding help for the problem, they’re getting band-aids for symptoms. Your exercise program won’t work if they have these underlying issues going on.

Give you and your clients an upgrade in your services. I promise, I never recommend someone or a program I haven’t seen used, and feel confident about.

You’re going to love this. 

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