How to Make Sure Your Message Evolves With your clients motivation

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How to Motivate Fitness Customers At Every Stage

Put down your text book full of Prochaska’s stages for a minute. This is dumbed-down and in doing so, easier! The truth is that starting, middle and ending motivations are different. Studies show that women – in this case older adult women – had very changed motives for starting, continuing and adhering after a program ended.

If you’d rather listen- you’ll find it on the podcast page to download and here in full flesh.

The basics though are below.

In the beginning… people get started because they know they need structure. It isn’t happening for them alone. That’s the true overarching motivation no matter if the goal is weight loss, speed, strength, agility, more playing minutes and less bench time or anything else.

That’s why they get started. Use your attraction messages to call to both that and to the primary reason they’ll tell you. The weight loss and or the bone density will be what gets their attention. The way you lay it out in frequency, duration, hand-holding as you talk about delivery after you have their attention is what will get you to “yes!”

They continue to come after the honeymoon period because they committed to you. You can capitalize on that (I outline more in the podcast). Yes, make them feel you need them and you’re counting on them.

In the end, you and I always hope the bait and switch worked. We want them to be co-dependent. On us, on the exercise and the frequency. They will stick with it after a formal program because of the way that they feel. To accomplish that consider how long your program needs to be to get that effect.

A workshop won’t do it. A four week program? Might just having them turn the corner but not convinced that getting up that early is worth it. Will it take 8 or 12 weeks or 24 to get an individual who hasn’t moved for decades to feel so good they won’t go back? You want to carefully consider that answer.

Then you want to allow the customer plenty of opportunities to say that out loud and in print themselves. Ask them for comments, testimonials and this is one place where a leading question might be appropriate. Let them give advice to someone else. Make them the at-choice new exerciser.

Plan your messages throughout a program to evolve with the motivation. Before the program, at the start of the program, mid-program and toward the end of the program … plan, schedule and communicate based on what the customer is thinking and you’ll attract, keep them coming and retain them longer.


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