Do you make this mistake fitness management mistake?

How to Get Burned in The Fitness Industry?

There’s a chance you’re lighting your own match. If you want to focus on a small area where you can do the activities you want to do and nothing else, you’ll run into some hardships.

First, you’re losing money. You may be losing staff. You might not be attracting the right staff. Word travels fast.

I had this conversation recently with a college sophomore. A major change wasn’t the problem. The reason for the major change might be the problem. Because there are a lot of obstacles and hurdles in the way of achieving another goal, do you shift goals? There are too many tests and certifications to take to clear the path so you just don’t? There are always going to be courses, tests, practical challenges you aren’t going to like that you have to do to get where you want.

You don’t like conflict and you are a manager? That’s OK. I might be worried if someone said they loved conflict. Yet, honestly you need to in a sense. You have to appreciate the learning you get from it. Why is there conflict? Not enough communication? Not enough education? Not the same values? Not a clear tie to how someone is important in the big picture? Not enough appreciation? There are all kinds of reasons why conflict can be welcome as a way to understand what’s going on.

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Let’s say you don’t have a problem recognizing your key priorities to help the business growth the most. Yet, you do have a problem giving up control over doing the smaller tasks. You’re not meeting with your staff members. You’re superficially smiling but not having meaningful conversations about who they are and how they want to grow?

You need a newsletter. You need to respond to emails. You need to create flyers. You need to….. the list goes on right?

If you’re not sending an email at the rate of at least once a week you’re missing a huge opportunity to inform, connect and to sell your customers. If you can write, or don’t have the time. Talk the content to someone who can and who can get it on your desk to read at the right time so you approve it.

You have someone you train and trust sort your emails, you have them respond. You create an email box separate where the emails that are highest priority and only you can respond get to but you give the “all-purpose” email access to someone who you train to be your right arm. You now don’t have 100 emails to respond to, you have 20 but all emails get an answer.

Few of us in fitness have marketing, copy writing or graphic design experience but we think we’re good at it. If you don’t know, you don’t have time. What you do in an hour takes someone else 10 minutes and it’s good. Guy Kawasaki designed Canva to be really easy to use and really good. That still doesn’t make you good at design.

That pile on your desk, your desk top or in your email folder…is going to burn you if you don’t delegate. Having priorities is the first step…and you have to then take the second and delegate to someone who reports to you after you’ve taught them what you want and why. Make them understand the mission the goal and the real measurable matters.


P.S. Do you have a virtual assistant? A part time hire who does these things? Share your experience.

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