Make it Matter

 In Marketing

Look back on the last 10 months. How many days did you take for granted? Think leaving things undone, getting the sale tomorrow or next week was soon enough? How many times did you think about researching an article for a client or prospect but not get around to doing it?

This last eight weeks, and 6 if you’re realistic (Thanksgiving and post- Christmas weeks will be notoriously slow), need to be a different picture of your use of time. Every minute counts. Do things once and do them well. Don’t waste time or energy on people or matters that are really not important.

Finish details. Follow through. Feed your future.

1.) Look at all of your accounts; active and inactive. Who do you need to see more regularly, see again, and contact right now? Who do you know will get started again with just a little nudge from you? And what are you waiting for?

2.) Once you start those contacts, make sure that you continue, consistently and persistently until you have an answer. Get a no or get a yes, and only then move on. We’re all busy. We don’t even return calls to our friends and family sometimes on a timely basis. People aren’t putting you off, they just have a plate that is too full and need to be reminded that fitness and health can not wait until later.

3.) Plant seeds. Get these people in for a year-end review of where they are and what they want in 2011. Make it complimentary if you have to, but reassess, get a game plan. Give them hope and excitement about possibilities and activities that bring them back in and get your relationship with them recharged!! You see some clients so regularly- either as your clients or as members of your club, that you take for granted that they are satisfied with what they are doing and the results they are getting. Most are not!! They’re waiting for something more exciting – so make sure its you!

Market your business to those people already in your web and then in January when all the newbies are knocking on your door you have icing on the cake. Growing your business is about cultivating and keeping relationships with prior clients and gaining new. Remember you’re not just wanting to constantly turn over the same number of clients and session hours per week but to g-r-o-w !!

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