How To Make Your Free Fitness Speech Pay

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Don’t Forget To Negotiate or Plan Your Reimbursement

When our clients slash calories and do maniac exercise programs for a few weeks then stop and hope it works out for them we think that’s crazy.

When you get the opportunity to speak in front of a group and you hand out your business cards and hope people call I think that’s crazy.

You’ve got to take control and you’ve got to remember to give those people in the audience an opportunity to succeed. Collect their names and email addresses. Give them something in exchange for it. Have a door prize or several that you can use to collect information.

When you have the information for these members who willingly gave it to you: follow up.

The purpose isn’t your five minutes of fame in front of an audience but the follow up that brings audience members to customers. Think in advance of the event how you’re going to monetize. It’s not just a matter of collecting emails. What reason were you asked to speak? What problem do most of those members want solved? Can you survey in advance?

When I have the opportunity to survey and audience in advance I can ask them to tell me how to write the speech. It’s all based on their problems and providing a solution. Then when you’ve told them what the answer is they should have a lingering urgent question. How? How do you do that? And that is the follow up one-on-one conversation you have with them to close them and start helping.

Will you offer a specific package? Will it be private, group or a combination? What is the price point? How will you offer it? Virtually, live, in person?

All of that should be determined before you ever open your mouth to wow with your first line.

If you’re a fitness professional just starting out you don’t yet have a “list.” You may not even have an email service. You will if you’re going to stay in business. You will if you want to do really well at business. This is a way to begin it and grow it – quickly if you talk to large numbers of people regularly.

Have a goal in mind. Know what your next step is before you go any further.


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