How Make Every Woman Over 50 Want You: Personal Trainer’s Guide

I have dozens of emails, Facebook posts, and YouTube comments every week describing terrible experiences with personal trainers who didn’t “get me” from women who are over 50.

They’re being lumped into bootcamps with everyone else, or treated like they’re frail, or simply not understood.

If you’re a trainer who cares, this is good news.

If you’re looking for a way to increase your revenue, attract customers easier who are seeking trainers and willing to pay for training, then you need this… and I’d love  a favor!

I just published for pre-order this new book, Make Every Woman Over 50 Want You: The Personal Trainer’s Guide to the After 50 Fitness Formula For Women. Get, keep, and help more clients.

You can get it right now for $0.99 and here’s why. I have two parts to my professional mission statement. (1) I want to raise the ceiling on our expectations for aging. What has been the “norm” is only because we haven’t challenged it and we have gotten less active, while indulging more in social eating and drinking, and in general putting off our health until we’re not so busy (while disease marches on having a heyday).

(2) I want to elevate the standard in the fitness industry with people like you – degreed, certified, professionals who conduct a business and have something of value to offer that improves the quality of life.

This book goes far toward both and brings the research of 34 years and proven, tested systems and programming to you.

Get it now. book cover personal trainer's guide

The pre-order means the finished book is delivered to you first (Oct pub date or sooner). If you get it now and send me your receipt to I’ll ask send you a bonus training (about bonus creating to be clear) so you can market your fall programs at full price without discounts and attract people faster because of the juicy way you support them.

Please share this with your colleagues, staff members, or interns. We can’t give someone the experience of being female, or being 50 but we can share with the case studies, and science and studies that will help them understand it before they are there (or even if you’ll never be there).

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