Is It Your Lucky Day or Not?

Are you using your time wisely?

Promotions don’t happen spur of the moment. They happen months before they should start. You build up anticipation…prepare for the launch. You post, tweet, write about timely items that build anticipation.

This is a huge difference between the business that writes an article based on what their staff wants to write about.

The successful marketing never has a random post. They don’t just come across a fun item to share. They are posting each one with a specific reason in mind…with the specific voice and philosophy and mission in mind. Does your social media and content marketing do that?

Don’t miss out on your ability to create a culture and community. The bigger you are the more than message gets lost. It further gets lost if you have a part timer doing the posting who isn’t conscious of social media’s power and the rapid loss of it with certain actions and inactions.

If you’re not seeing a high percentage of likes, comments and shares…

If you’re not seeing an increase weekly in the kind of posts that get those…

You’re not growing with a target.

Community and conversation is the purpose of your social media.

Cardinal sins on social: 

Selling right there on your page. This is not your cash register. This is your first handshake or nod across the room. You trying to sell on social is like asking for a proposal before you ever got a date.

Ways to make today a lucky save.

Sit down and track your numbers today is March 13.

Track them today, Feb 13, Jan 13, Dec 13 ’14 and so on for six months.

How many opportunities have you given your fans to subscribe to a newsletter in exchange for a free gift that solves a problem for them?

0-3 = you’re not using social media to help you increase revenue. It’s just costing you money. And it’s costing you potential customers who will stop interacting because you’re pushing, salesy and sleazy instead of fun and informative.

3-5 = you’re getting closer to moving your fans to subscribers who can buy as you talk about your services.

6-9 = you’re the most likely to succeed due to the fact that nearly every month you’re giving your fans something for free that has great value to them in exchange for getting a little deeper into a relationship with you.


Your social media ISN’T a newsletter.

Your social media ISN’T a cash register.

Create your own luck…or you’re just gambling.


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