Are You Losing Opens Because You Can’t Spell?

 In Attracting Clients

“I’m going to have to leave because your grammar is so poor.”

Ouch! This literally -is not something I’d make up- was a message a woman sent me personally on a Facebook business page.

So, not only was she offended somehow by the delivery of a message (not the message itself) but she took the time to make me aware of it.

So, why do I share that with you? Obviously, it’s not a proud moment.

And of course, my first, defensive, reaction was… 19, 999 other fans haven’t noticed – it must be you!

Yet, the reality for me..and for that few people if they are offended by an image, a statement or your poor grammar will actually tell you. They will just leave.

Let me share another side of the coin.

I have two colleagues, you may know but I won’t disclose their names, you can figure it out yourself. In the last two weeks at least twice they’ve misspelled word in the subject line. SIMPLE words. As in writing “lost” instead of “lose.”

My question to you…is this on purpose or by accident? Sometimes breaking the rules on purpose gets more attention. For example, I subscribe to every competitor I find. So I know what they’re putting out. (Don’t you?)

That said, theirs was not the only email in my inbox. But it’s the one I remember. Because I’m thinking, two PhDs? And you can’t get the spelling or grammar correct? Did you change your subject line tense in the middle of writing it? What’s the reason behind this seemingly obvious error? That’s when it donned on me that purposeful messages….wrongly spelled or planted “disruptions” just might be a part of your plan.

What’s your brand?  If you know then this might be a part of your strategy. Or if you don’t brand as strongly as you just want opens and curiosity up to make money….go for it.

With my brand it doesn’t work. Yes, I make mistakes. I try to cover a lot of ground. I write up to 5 articles a week, two blogs, two podcasts, and am writing a book. Add Facebook posts at a rate of a minimum of 4 a day per two sites, two twitter accounts, the copy on two YouTube locations…that’s a lot of room for error. I’m definitely messing up on a regular basis.

What’s important to me and my brand is the message comes from my voice consistently in the language that my customers want. When you know exactly what’s important to you, you’ll connect with more people too. I wouldn’t intentionally misspell. I would be mortified. And I would correct it and apologize where needed.

If I don’t use a correct preposition or overuse compound sentences (my specialty), I will lose some people. That’s OK. Those are not my satisfied customers. They are not people who want my help though they may find the help they do need by moving on.

Find your voice. Pick your battles. Before you do, know your brand, based on your customers.

You will find “haters” out there. If you’re not finding them, your opinion and brand are potentially not strong enough. Don’t dwell on the haters but do know that you are making some noise and take it as a good sign! This is not junior high, you got this.


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