Listen More Than You Talk To Reach Customers Where They Are

 In Attracting Clients

We Fitness Professionals Like To Be Right

At the cost, often of listening to the entire conversation.

We point fingers at what’s wrong before we can hear what’s being said and what might be motivating it.

We often resist based on our past experiences and past personal limiting beliefs, as is human nature to do. Yet, we’re in the people business. So truly, if we’re to be good at making changes that impact more lives positively it can’t always be about being right.

More than one person is right. The bigger question may be, are you consistent? Are you congruent?

You want to build something special in your business. You want to build something unique that will attract. Is the building, the website, the testing and the programming all consistent with that?

It’s hard to do.

Everyone cuts corners.

If you’re engaged in a difference of opinion with someone and writing their side of the conversation with suppositions, and interpretations of what they think and feel….. that’s quite an amazing skill you must have to read someone’s mind and their motivations. Since, after all this is really you writing two sides of the presentation so that you can then win the loyalty of the readership, listenership, or viewers.

There’s a fine line between being an expert and authority in your field of choice, and of holding a title or being in the right place at the right time. A leader doesn’t back down or hold a two-sided conversation with themselves.

At least, not in a way that earns respect of someone not already following the leader telling the story they want to believe anyway.

Today, vegans and vegetarians have a stronger force than ever. Are they right and those who consume animal products wrong? I think it’s a matter of respect for a difference of biochemistry and health needs, it’s a difference of perhaps spiritual or environmental beliefs. But there’s a “right for you” right now. Perhaps if health isn’t optimal for one or the other type of eater, a new direction becomes more right.

I’ve seen that happen both ways…a vegan with poor health, weak, depressed immune system…told finally to have some meat… by a frustrated medical profession. Soon after, improved health and immune system reduced chronic illness. Likewise, long time carnivores with life-threatening disease who’ve selected to focus on plant-based nutrition and have healed ailments under the umbrella of heart disease and cancer.

If you see yourself as hating certain marketing tactics, but are using what someone else might call unethical marketing, (and yes, someone is thinking that of you- none of us can please all the people), be opinionated, but realize that being “right” is an impossibility that alienates you from more people than it endears you to along your path.

The most gracious of successful people don’t need to declare their “rightness” it’s just clear to see in the vast reach and impact they’ve had on lives along the way.

While you may argue with others in the industry on valid points, the danger is in tearing down yourself as a part of that industry, and the industry as a whole because of it. Spend the energy going in the right direction by making peace and seeking understanding. If we start any sentences with “I hate….” “I don’t believe…” we’re losing the battle by fighting within instead of focusing on the outside good we can be doing.


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