9 Lies About Work Fitness Owners Need to Know

9 Lies About Work Fitness Owners Need to Know

New and experienced fitness owners are vulnerable to lies about work. Every trainer really is an entrepreneur on some level. Even with someone else signing your paycheck, you make your own success and growth in the fitness industry.

Actually, this book review may change – or challenge-  your beliefs about work, specifically lies about work. If you’ve been under a spell about how your work life – and maybe even personal life should be, this will open your eyes. You may get insight about yourself or employees.

The Reviewer:

Tom Durkin, Owner operator Ames Fitness and Fitness World Ankeny in the Midwest.  The CEO of Health & Fitness Management and 40 years experience in fitness industry sales and management. Not a silent partner but someone in buildings every day responding to phone calls, emails, of 315 employees and thousands of customers. He like so many others who have successful track records is a voracious reader and has a personal library of over 2000 books.

The Book:

9 Lies About Work by Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall

The 9 Lies from the book:

  1. People care which company they work for
  2. The best plan wins
  3. The best companies cascade goals
  4. The best people are well-rounded
  5. People need feedback
  6. People can reliably rate other people
  7. People have potential
  8. Work-life balance matters most
  9. Leadership is a thing

Nine is a lot for a short podcast. So we chose to dive into three of these 9 lies about work more in depth to give you an inside look at the content.

The three lies about work we selected:

  • People care about which company they work for
    • Reality is that people like you and I want to be valued.
  • The best plan wins.
  • Work-life balance matters most.

If you want to cheat and get the reasons why I volleyed for these three, read this. First, no one really cares about or has loyalty to a business. They want to be heard, want their voice to count, and want to be valued. Second, yes you’ve got to have a plan but then you better be very flexible. Because once it starts a business only ever has life because of the customers it serves. There’s always going to be a dance between what they want and what they need in fitness but customers have to want what you’re selling. You have to adjust if you want to survive. So a plan is fluid. Third, and last is the ever-present lie about work-life balance. The most success and most HAPPY people in the world are probably obsessed about what they do. THAT, is their balance.

Balance or Passion?

Reality is, I’d want a pilot who still loves take off flying my plane, one who probably sacrifices some family time and sleep to take trips. I’d want a boss or coach that comes to a meeting with five ideas for me that they’d been thinking about all weekend. I’d want a fitness professional who researches the best protocols for me and who goes against the popular fads and trends when there are problems with them. The person who has this supposed work-life balance really isn’t very passionate about work. It’s a job. Not a so-called passion many fitness professionals themselves lie about having.

Because, really they are passionate as long as they can work 9 to 5.

That is the biggest of lies about work in the fitness industry you’ll ever hear, or say. I’m passionate about fitness. 

Passion is not Convenient

If it has to be convenient, it’s not really passion. I get it, you’ve got a family now. Or you love to golf or fish or do triathlons. And you want time to do that. Those things should fuel your passion. You have multiple layers. Passionate people never choose between one or the other. There’s never, the oh, I want to be there for my family so I can’t really earn more money. That’s not the most important thing to me now. 

The two should fuel each other not fight each other. Because you without your passion would be less for anything else. Check in with your own lies about work.

Don’t miss the biggest question, would you recommend it?

Lies About Workis a look at the myths that can create unease or dissatisfaction in your life. When your view of life is all should, ought-tos, and comparison of your life with potentially no real life, it’s hard to be happy.

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