5 Lessons for Fitness & Health Coaches: Learned Earning 135K in 30 Days

The best lessons for fitness & health coaches are always going to come from making mistakes. Let’s face it, if you get it right the first time, you got lucky. You need to know why. So often that comes from doing it wrong, realizing what can go wrong, so that you can avoid it and plan for it next time. 

Even with an experienced team, you’ll have mistakes. Sometimes it’s because of the experience. They aren’t looking at it fresh and meticulously like something they take ownership for it the first time will. It’s time to make a change. 

It takes a village.

From behind the scenes to get it ready, and keep it going, to the partners who promote you, and ask you to do lives on their platforms, to the team members who are invested in the breakdown of a launch or event after and get to work on completing tasks.  

For your affiliates, find like-minded business partners. 

For your team find people to hire that you both like and agree to be accountable for the measure of success of their role responsibilities. When mistakes happen it’s easy to get upset but when you genuinely like the people you work with it’s easy to forgive when it blows over. 

What Did You Expect

That said, you need to have a clear expectation and see when someone isn’t meeting your needs and is overstretched or can’t support your backend the way you need it. Sloppy mistakes and lack of willingness to report on measures of success is either a lack of understanding, lack of ability to do the job, or lack of motivation for what they’re doing. Decide what you can fix. It might be communication, instruction, and it might be the wrong WHO to do the job.

If you have someone you’re grateful you have, ask them what they need to succeed and what could distract them from doing the work you have to have done. 

You’ll depend on others more and more if you want to grow and grow. For us hard-to-delegate I’ll-just-do-it people it’s a big and necessary step. 

Things will break and mistakes will be made.

Expect it, anticipate it, and you can get best at preventing it. 

Writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is a start. But holding a person accountable to doing them is the important part of operations. If they skip a step or complete it incorrectly, your business suffers from the mistake. Once you’ve created SOPs you need not only to have them checked, but it has to be visible. An individual who is following instructions behind the scenes is not holding themselves accountable for their role. 

That just doesn’t work. Hire responsible people who want to do a great job, be held accountable, love checking off that they’ve done a task and are on track. Then everyone can celebrate it together. 

People are watching, listening, and reading your content if you’re consistently adding value. 

A few people will buy after first meeting you, some will buy when a source they trust introduces you, many more will follow you for months, or even years, before they decide to finally buy.  

Play the long game and it will pay off. Your emails should offer so much value that people want to open them and stick around. Email promotion after promotion without any value is not enough. 

You can email frequently and it’s okay as long as you offer value. 

Mailing infrequently is a surefire way to fail. So, if you’re worried about emailing frequently, what you already know or fear is that your emails don’t offer value, you don’t know what to say, or you don’t have buyers on your list. Decide which of those is causing the most reluctance and deal with it. 

  •  Your emails don’t offer value?
  •   You never know what to say?
  •   You don’t have qualified leads? 

These 5 lessons for fitness & health coaches are all important but none potentially more important than the last. If you want to make a major change in your business and be a personal trainer or health coach, but be THE personal trainer or health coach, then you need the ability to do this. 

Put yourself in your customer’s place and make it the basis for any and all content you create.

The only thing that matters is what she thinks and feels. Put your personality into your content. Put facts into your content. And put emotions your customer can identify into your content. 

I hope these 5 lessons for fitness & health coaches were helpful. Especially if you’re having a tough day! When mistakes happen it hurts! It’s your business and if a team member makes a mistake, they aren’t the owner, though you may get lucky and find someone who treats it like it’s their own, they will likely never care as much as you. 

There is nothing different about making $5000 a month and making 6 figures a month when it comes to relationships with your customer. So, if you nail the conversation now, you’ll be on your way. If you don’t have the right message or clarity about what you do, who you serve, so that you can create more happy customers, then consider this.

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