Launching a Fitness Business: Live Coaching Call

Launching a Fitness Business

My guest today is Karla from Arizona and a shout out to FitnessFest events where we ran into each other.

Karla asked a couple great questions that I have a hunch may be of interest to you too.

Whether you’re got a business you want to grow, you’re itching to leave working for a boss and interested in launching a fitness business  or somewhere between this live coaching call can help you too.


I teach yoga for community andemployeesin the school district in which I work. I use a school within the district to teach my classes.  I run the classes via the “Academic Support Systems” department. So, it’s kind of my own thing, but yet runs through the school district.  I don’t have much support getting the school district to “advertise” for me with social media, as I don’t think they like the word “yoga” and it’s connotations; all I get is a paper flyer that is sent out via e-mail to the school secretaries to post/display by teacher mailboxes.


Is there a way to use social media on my own to promote my classes? Can I set up my own webpage or Facebook page for this?  What other types of social media can I use?  I am not very techie and have very little experience with social media…I’m 58 years old and just getting started understanding how it all works.


YES! By all means! The School should love that you do it. Does the school have a page? If so tag them. Start posting regularly.

Share an article that is supportive of the purpose of the classes you teach. Who pays you? What is the mission of the agency paying you or hosting you? What can you share in alignment with that mission?

While they may not see value in promoting or hosting. They will see great value if they start getting positive PR from what you do.


I am also working on my Health & Wellness Coach certification (will be done in Sept/Oct.). I already am certified with the following:  ACE Group Fitness, RYT 500 Yoga, Cycling, NCSF Personal Training.  I would like to start my own LLC, but not sure how to start out getting clients.  What are the most powerful ways to start using social media to get going?


First, you don’t need an LLC to start getting clients. Launching a fitness business involves testing the concept first. You need a website.

Then if you’re using social media you’re using it to drive people to a website. You have zero control over social media. It’s here but you have nothing to show for anything you do there unless you have a way for them to come off social media onto your website and an EMAIL list. You must begin building an email list. Use Constant Contact, Mail Chimp or Aweber for free or $5 until you have more subscribers but get it. And a way for people to sign up on your website so you can then communicate with them.

The best use of social media is video. Live, recorded, shared.


I also am trying to narrow down my focus (target audience) as you had mentioned in your presentation at FitnessFest.It’s hard because there are so many aspects of fitness that I love and want to share!  Here are a few of my ideas:

  • Beginners to exercise…people who are hesitant to get started…easy, practical, fun and “do-able” ways to get moving and be healthy
  • Yoga for beginners
  • Health/Wellness Coaching (in person and on-line)


I think you can easily combine these. When launching a fitness business you do want to focus but these overlap. Your market may not know they’re looking for yoga. They know they’re beginners. They also may not know they’re looking for health & wellness coaching (it’s intangible) but they know they should be exercising. You can start there. But that’s not still a niche. Is this a beginner who’s 20 or who’s 50? Or 70?

Is it a male? Or a female?

Is it a married or single person?

Someone budget minded or with money to burn?

Why aren’t they exercising now? What have they tried? What do they hate about exercise and personal trainers?

When you’re launching a fitness business the biggest mistake trainers or business owners make is thinking they know what the customer is really thinking.


Bottom line… I am scared…I have worked FOR a school district (stable job/money, insurance, etc.) my whole life. I have had the “itch” to do something in the health/wellness area for 25+ years!  I have always taught fitness classes as a “second career”, but I want to try something maybe part-time to transition.  Not sure if I should just jump in and do it full-time or do it little by little.  I know there’s no easy answer for that!  Any thoughts or words of wisdomJ?


START.. keep your job, but do a side hustle. Launching a fitness business has to have deadlines but you want a safety net. Get some steady income coming in. Start with who you know. Are there teachers not exercising that want to? You’ve got a pool of clients. Who possibly want the same time slot. So begin a group and optimize your time.

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