Health Professionals Launch Checklist

I’m going to hand you the health professionals launch checklist right inside this episode. As we round the corner on the 4th quarter and enter the holiday season this is one thing on every health and fitness professional’s mind. 

Having a great next year begins the last quarter of this year. You have to put things in place. And whether it’s your spring break bootcamp or your summer shape up or fall back on track program, if you don’t have the right steps in place before you open the cart, during the cart, and after the cart, you’re not going to be as successful as you could. 


First, before we dive in, I’ll ask this: do you have a goal? Do you know how many items of X you want to sell? Then do you know how you’re going to put the offer in front of the right people at the right time? 

You have to be always growing an email list and nurturing it. Not just wishing you had when you go to launch. Sales is a lot of things. It’s relationships. But it’s also numbers. You want to always be bringing people in at the top of your funnel and moving them to the middle and finally be moving them either to a sale from the bottom of the funnel or moving them off of your list. 

The Launch Checklist for Health Professionals

  • Before anything, set yourself up to track G-analytics and any special codes
  • Runway length based on price: 
    • 2-4 weeks
    • 4–8 weeks 
  • Serve Top of Funnel
    • Create or locate your cornerstone content*
    • Create once, use many times 
  • Proceed to Mid Funnel
    • Asking for an opt in 
  • Bottom of Funnel
    • Email list campaigns
  • Start with feel-think-do related content 
    • Discuss the problem
    • Explain why 
    • Then provide the next step
  • Target a segmented list
    • They got on your list because of exactly this problem you’re solving 
  • Post Launch Breakdown
  • Create a list of what to test next
    • Landing pages – copy, images Offer 

You’re a business not a newspaper or a magazine. Make an offer on a regular basis and when people unsubscribe because you did, they weren’t going to buy. Celebrate that you weeded them out. 

That’s it. Step by step. You can use this list to start NOW. No matter what time of year you’re listening. 

And if you’re not already in our WELLPROs mastermind and mentorship then consider joining us if you’re lost with pricing, offers, how to position yourself or knowing what’s worth your time and what’s not.

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