What Did You Do With Your Last 60 Minutes – Will It Gain You A Client

10 Things You Could Do In An Hour That Will Bring You More Clients

1. Create a video with a call to action.

2. Write an article with a byline with live links. Submit it to online sites, and modify it and post it on your website. Link to it in your  next newsletter (not the entire article: bring them to your website or waste the opportunity).

3. Create a webpage for posting articles on your website with live images of your programs that tie to the article.

4. Call 2 people who are on a list of prospects or prior clients and ask them to become clients. If they don’t answer don’t hide behind the phone with a long message, leave a brief one and get them in face-to-face.

5. Create a freebie that will help you attract customers interested in an evergreen topic.

6. If you have trouble selling clients use it to role play, shadow a trainer who does it well, or have someone tandem with you in a real session.

7. Go through the last three months of old emails. Read through them as if you are a new member without a clue as to what you want or why you would want it. Do your emails make sense for THAT person who is most likely to need help, feel they’ve just bought a membership that gives them what they need? Do you answer questions they have right now? Are they relevant? Interesting? Motivating? Are they authentic and a voice of a friend that they are going to see in the club or at their workout?

8. Collect images for use in your next flyers and emails based on who the customer that you’re trying to attract looks like now. Define and describe the customer demographics, his or her weight, style of clothes, music, car they drive, where they go on vacation…before you start. Who do you spend the most dollars in advertising or marketing trying to attract? Find that person for images in your marketing and ads.

9. Load your Facebook page with optimized content for a week scheduled with adequate frequency for each day according to usage and optimal time of day for your best next customer.

10. Play well with others. Network in your networks. Go into your social accounts and share, comment, like and promote other people within your network and competitors who are also experts. If you fear this, never mind 1-10, you’re not yet an expert who believes growing the industry will also grow you. Doing any of the steps before this will be a waste of time for you. Look at classifieds.

#10: IF you believe you are qualified and credible and can help….potentially better than another trainer. You won’t be able to leverage your knowledge to truly help someone unless you start being LOUD about who you are and how you can help. Have you noticed that the some of the worst trainers, or the least qualified are busier, working with more people than you are? Is it accident? No! They are doing the things that get them out there and creating a community, a following.

Don’t sit back pretending to love your job and yet think you can’t make enough at it to call it a career… it’s only because you believe that …that it would be true.


P.S. If you like the ideas here but haven’t been implementing? You’ll want to look at this book and this 30 day program to get you in better shape with your social media.

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