Labor Day Weekend…. Without a Discount

 In Marketing

Invite Them To Come And Then Build It

Field of Dreams… you remember it? The movie with Kevin Costner…filmed in Iowa where it still stands (had to throw that in). Build it and they will come. It worked…but then that’s why it was a movie.

What if you sold it and then built it?

In the world of internet marketing it’s so simple to do. It’s always been there but more and more it’s a way of life. While you survey and sell you collect the information you need to build the program. You don’t ever waste a minute of time on a project that has poor marketing.

Draft your programs with the customer in mind. Go ahead and outline it.

You don’t need a program to market. You absolutely don’t need a good one to market. Less-than-stellar quality trainers are proving that every day. This isn’t cheating, in fact, it’s allowing you to come up with a program that fits your customer instead of making the customer fit into what you’ve built.

Isn’t that a novel idea? Sounds like Personal training to me.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a lot of time. I’ve got to go create the Facebook custom audience for my ads for the weekend “pre-launch” sale for a program I don’t have yet.


PS have a prosperous three-day weekend…from wherever you may be!

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