Do You Know When To Quit In Order To Win?

 In professional development


IF you want to experience a highest level of success you first of course have to define it.

If you begin to tell someone else what that is and it ends up coming out of your mouth like either diarrhea or vague nondescript words, you have a gap.

Successful people know EXACTLY what their goal is. Don’t panic: it can change. But one focal point and only one focal point at a time…will get you where you’re going.

We see failure with good intentions all the time. This month you’ll see a hundred and so will I. They start exercise they haven’t done, they change a diet they have lived for years, they’re asked to get more sleep, you tell them to drink more water…they can’t do it ALL at ONCE!

Your January hopefuls are your February fails and convinced it doesn’t work until next year again.

Give yourself a self-assessment … are you listing so many things that you can’t possibly do well at all? What is your ONE thing you should focus on first?

Take a minute or so and listen. You’ll have a much more successful January if you focus on ONE thing in the morning, at noon and at night. You’ll know EXACTLY what you should do. AND…what to quit…or delegate so that you get it done.

Trying your best…at too many things isn’t a measure of success. It’s good, but in business you have results in numbers that matter. Are you making the numbers matter?

Make a bigger difference with a more narrow focus.


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