Do You Know The Biggest Mistake Trainers Make Creating Programs?

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Programs That Success vs Programs That Fail

Your customer has gotten smarter, more savvy, and has better choices.

If you’re still offering yesterday’s programs or something from 3 years ago, or 5 that was working then and barely there today, you’ve got evidence of that yourself.

The #1 error isn’t about your marketing or your email copy, or your failure to launch early enough with content directed at the ideal customer. It’s not even about your list size, or your ability to create Facebook ads or flyers (are you still expecting flyers to work??). It’s not about whether you created good videos to attract the customer or how good you are on camera.

Yes, all of those things matter.

But the biggest mistake is leaving the customer out of creating the program in the first place.

If you started because you have a certain clientele you want to work with and a time slot you want to fill, you’re already heading down a path with fewer and fewer customers.

Start with the customer in mind.

What do they want? How do they want to consume your service? When do they want it? What have they done in the past? What did they hate about that and what do they hate about your service (personal training, or the gym, or online programs, or groups)? What do they think about themselves and their ability to do it this time? Why would they take a risk that this time will be different?

If you can answer all of those questions you have a better chance of building a program that you deliver at a time the ideal customer for the program will come.

The #2 error a trainer makes is trying to cover too much information. They overwhelm the customer instead of adding value (often the well-intentioned goal). Less and right on target information is best. You can always create a second program for what the customer will need next.

An overwhelmed customer, too sore, not understanding WHY, or asked to do too much, will not stick with you. They don’t want more…they want just the right amount so they feel successful.

If you can make a customer feel successful they will love you for it and return again and again.

This is the season for programs for beginners. For re-starteres, for advanced to continue.

Putting these people all into the program will be a mistake for all of them. The workload, the progression, the recovery time … is very different for a beginner than it is for an advanced athletic participant who wants to go next level.

Look at how your programs could be distinct and fill a niche and need that the big boxes and big bootcamps do not.

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