Do You Know The #1 Reason Your Customer Starts Training With You?

If You THINK You Know Your Value: You Could Be Wrong

The value of a survey or an evaluation following completion of each package or service you have is priceless. If you don’t hear the comments of your customers – the ones who’ve bought from you and just finished your service, whether or not they renew – you are only guessing at the true value of your service for them.

Someone finished with your services is much more likely to be honest than someone in the middle of using your services. Someone using your services is compelled to say good things. We like to be right. If someone is using your services there might still be negative things about your service they spot: they’d like more of this or less of that. Yet, they won’t tell you. They have to see you again soon.

But after…within days of that last session you should find a way to send an electronic survey that takes 2 minutes or less to fill out and that has multiple choice questions that offer an open-ended option. Make the addition of their name optional. That way you can insert the request to use their statements in testimonials. Let them know that their feedback won’t be tied to their email when it’s given to a trainer and all comments are collectively reviewed and analyzed such that each customer is anonymous unless they share their name.

Making a mistake about what your customers value means you’ll potentially make a mistake about how to market.

Writing marketing copy that sells is a skill.

One of the best ways to collect marketing copy in words your customer uses is to collect it this way. It’s one of the only ways. Anonymously, and regularly connect so that you know the value of your service.

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