The Key to Social Media Success for Fitness Professionals

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Why Are You On Social Media?

Not intended to be a trick question. Yet, often I get a blank look back in response to that question.

Then, there’s a flurry of activity happening without measurable results, that tells me … there’s not an answer to this question.

If you don’t know your objectives, you can’t measure your success. If you can’t measure it, why do it? The KEY to leveraging your time is to schedule around your objectives not around activities.

Are you treating social media like an activity?

Yes, you should be “on” it. Yet, you need to know why. What’s your reason? Your objectives might include:

1. Grow your email list

2. Increase your reputation as the expert in your niche.

3. Grow a closer community with current members.

You have to decide. When I review sites for clients here’s what I see…some running all over the field without a play. There’s a post directed at current members about programs coming up. There’s random sharing of posts from their own timeline that they think is funny. There’s attempts to get “signups” or registration directly from Facebook. (always a bad idea: people are on social media to check in with friends not to buy or be sold)

You need to focus on your objective first.

Then post according to that objective: it becomes your mission statement. For instance, if you want to grow your email subscriber list in order to do some selling, you want to make sure you post at least once a week a juicy enticing freebie that someone can get by giving your their email. Post the URL. Don’t blatantly sell it “Sign up here”  = “run away fast from this page” to a consumer looking for a movie review from a buddy.

Post according to your objective 80% of the time. You can post personal items, share funny videos….tied to your market’s interest but if you deviate from the objective… you’ll also deviate from results.

Track the right thing. Engagement. Growth in the page likes. Not the “likes.” Comments weight heavier and shares weigh heaviest. That means the more you’re shared – people probably also like and comment… the more Facebook will show you organically to more people.

You should be attracting people on Facebook… not pushing them away.

Think subtle perfume not overpowering cologne that arrives before you do.


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