How to keep Short Term Fitness Business Goals From Killing Your Long Term Success

 In Marketing


What if you never discounted your rate again? Does that make you panic?

If you didn’t have the “Rock bottom sale” and the “You’ll never see this rate again” discount could you make it in June or July or November?

Can you make it with a cut in your pay that often? Can you make it with a cut in your pay always?

Since you’re conditioning your customers to wait until there’s a sale and a discount on your services they won’t ever buy at regular rate again. Everyone wants a sale. Everyone loves saving money on something they want anyway. If they have your rate and they have a lower rate somewhere else and can’t clearly see how YOU are better, you could “sale” yourself right out of business.

When you’re a brand, you in fact can raise your rate and it won’t matter. If you’re vanilla and artificial instead of coffee bean vanilla and organic… you can’t win with a price war. It won’t matter at some point how nice a facility you have if you don’t have the best service.

You want to look at three things that can improve your long term success. 

1. Add value instead of discounting rate.

2. Upgrade services randomly for current customers. They will be your raving fans.

3. Increase your skills – the customer relations skills – that make the difference between this being the gym your client belongs to or you being the trainer they have and you being the experience and expert that they consciously choose. Take communications courses. Get coaching on public speaking. Learn to write. Go to events and pretend you are the host and it’s your job to make sure everyone has a good time.


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