How To Keep Your FitnessMarketing Costs Down and your results up

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How Much Does a Month of Social Media Fitness Marketing Cost?

An hour a day? Two hours a day? Yours? Someone else’s?

What return do you have for those odd 20-30 hours or depending on pay? $200-300?

Do you know?

Let’s define marketing just to be clear. It leads to a sale. Not in a round about way: directly.

SLOW Yes you might take a longer path like when your Dad took the scenic view and you groaned from the backseat thinking you wanted to get back home to your friends already. That’s the path of content marketing. For your customer they don’t actually see it as marketing. But, you have to. You want to know that you’re offering value…but that it is a very specific piece of the whole pie that you really want to sell them. You’re very generous with the slice you give them but you don’t give them the whole thing to have a slice every day all week. They need to come find you from the links and “next step” of breadcrumbs you leave them in your marketing.


  • blogs
  • newsletter
  • youtube videos

FAST While the example of content marketing above is good, you want and have to for smart marketing have a direct marketing with urgency, call-to-action and scarcity built in going on all the time at the same time. These offers will vary. It’s going to be better to have them triggered at different moments in time than to have 14 programs starting on the same day. Why? Your revenue stream or dried up creek bed that’s why. If you have feast in January and famine in February because you have 8 week programs you can’t really tell the landlord or the bank that rent or mortgage aren’t coming in this month. Not unless it’s bank of mom and dad. For your sake if you’re old enough to read this I hope that’s not true. (and that you got a little chuckle out of it).

To the point of keeping costs low, social media might be free (or in part- Facebook isn’t playing as nicely anymore – did you expect it to?) but time and effort that gets you no return costs you a lot. It’s not just the 20-30 hours (which actually does pain me) or the $200-300 you might be paying (poor) part time help (anyone who knows what they are doing and who knows that marketing is the key to selling is not coming to work for you even if they love your dimples and your jokes for $10 an hour. Wise up. Marketers who know what they’re doing, COMs, ear $70- $125K. Marketers who know marketing AND fitness? … Yes, it’s not less).

Nope, it’s not just the time and or money. It’s the what-else-you-should-be-doing either with marketing that could work…and the money you’re NOT bringing in the door that should scare you. By the time you figure it out you’ll have missed out on the customers who now are reading someone else’s blog, and following someone else who’ve joined elsewhere.

Be sure that whatever you decide to do you commit to doing it for 6 months to a year. And that you are measuring the right things.


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