It’s Not Too Late!

 In Managing Your Business

If you haven’t let your clients, your staff, the other people who help you serve your customers that you care and appreciate them, do it today!

You don’t have to get an elaborate gift. But if you haven’t had a holiday get-together, a celebratory lunch, sent a meaningful card to each, then take time today even if they receive it next week; people often wait on purpose until the end of the year to avoid religious conflicts.

There is nothing more important to you than the people involved in the chain of events that becomes customer service. Tell them how important they are to you with an intentional gesture. Big or small, unexpected is ideal. Send the front desk manager or staff flowers to keep at the desk front all week. Provide the gal who cleans equipment with something bright and fun to spark conversation with patrons while she’s doing her job.

Single out a new sales person whose doing a good job and tell her so by giving her a card of thanks too and include a card for coffee at her favorite spot or a gift certificate for lunch at the eatery across the street.

Do this for your internal customers and take a moment to acknowledge for them as well as for you, that they are important to you all year.

Next week when you’re doing your year goals include some regularly scheduled events and ways to bring your group together for fun outside of work. It might educational events or dinner at a conference, a visit to a winery, or a bike ride or golf outing. The point is really frequency and consistency, all the things important to creating stronger relationships through shared experiences and laughter.

Here’s a few things on our schedule for 2012, yet to go into the calendar:

Our monthly staff meetings with full staff present

Inservices provided by staff members following a conference

Sunday afternoon winery

Friday afternoon golf event

A Saturday afternoon at the pool for families

A bike ride and social event

A club to club crawl (we have three locations and the last ends next to a pub- for those interested!)

All that’s left to do is plug them into the months on our calendar and attempt to find one a month for varied interests of our staff.


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