How Many Hashtags and Other Instagram Tips for Fitness Pros?

Ready for Instagram tips to get your posts seen? If you want to optimize your fitness content for better reach on Instagram, here’s the snapshot of things right now. Keep in mind this post goes live the beginning of July 2019. This is something to confirm in the future. Platforms change.

Currently the range of hashtags recommended to use on Instagram is 11-30.

Instagram allows you up to 30.

So create a list of 28, just in case. Just in case, what? In case you’re posting on a unique topic and want to add a hashtag that’s specific. You’ll have the wiggle room to do it.

Where do you add Hashtags?

Add them to the first comment. Not in your post, not even separated by the dots in your post.

Create lists in “notes” so you can copy and paste

In fact, create several lists for the specific types of content you post. I post on hormones & exercise, and exercise nutrition, and mindset around exercise & aging. The same hashtags wouldn’t really apply to all of those posts. Plus, Instagram may view you as “spam” if you slap the same hashtags to everything.

Do create lists but be sure you don’t get so broad that someone who liked one post would be absolutely turned off by another.

If you post a quote on mindset or motivation…

If you post a food image…

When you post a fitness image… or a science based fact

Time of day to post

There’s a time of day that’s optimal for reaching your customers. Check your insights (just like every other platform if you’re not posting when your audience is most active, you’re missing the point!

You can also get an app. WhentoPost is what I’m currently using.

Keep Your Aesthetic

  • Create a pattern with your posts.
  • Use the same filter on photos.
  • Add your url to all photos and memes.

You have a style guide, right? You need one. (email me and we’ll get you the link to this free worksheet) Chances are even you don’t use the same font, filters, voice and if you don’t, how could you ever delegate? This is one of the first things you can pass on to someone else if you have done the work of documenting your brand’s style guide.

Use a better bio link

You only get one live link. So there’s a work around. A number of apps now allow you to create numerous (don’t get too many!) links so you can have one for each of the types of posts you have. Use links supporting specific lead pages, a specific blog, or podcast. Don’t, just take someone to your website homepage assuming they’ll figure out what to do next. is what I’m using now.

Length of Posts

Test long posts and shorter posts. Sprinkle a little of both in. Give them the recipe right on the post some times. Other times, have them click to get the recipe.

Insert graphics and emojis inside your posts.

Add dots to make it easy to read. Remember that Instagram doesn’t leave in spaces, so create your own with periods followed by hitting “return.”

Look at it. Have others look at it.

Do you like it? Are you engaged? Is it beautiful? Beautiful posts win in Instagram. All the hashtags in the world won’t help you if you don’t have good content and that starts with images.

Don’s Sell.

Just don’t. If you’re going right for a sale, Instagram isn’t right for you and you’re not right for it.

Want more support? Pick up a copy of The Health and Fitness Professional’s Guide to Social Media Marketing. 

I’d love to hear if these Instagram tips were helpful! Remember, before you decide to use Instagram, be sure you find out if your customers are using it. They decide where the best place to spend time, money, and energy is not you!

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