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If you think there are Instagram secrets that magically will gain you verified status, grow your followers by 10k or… that you even want to do that… this is not your episode! 

Oh, and if you’re being asked to invest 1-2K to grow your followers by 10K on the daily, don’t! It’s so tempting right? Even though its going to ultimately hurt you when you have zero engagement… it sounds like something you can almost justify. 

Try these instead. 

1)    Post good content that connects and relates to your ideal customer 

2)    If you have less than 1000 followers and you’re not growing steadily, if not rapidly, from your content, change what you’re doing 

3)    Lead with news, value, and tips you want to talk about for years, in a new way: edutain

4)    Post good content and then skip a day… sometimes two or three without posting anything but stories

5)    Post to stories frequently to stay engaged with your current followers 

6)    Make a call to action in every post (just not to buy: this is rare and best as paid advertising)

7)    Use hashtags that make sense and use enough not too much 

8)    Prime your audience 

9)    Gather like-minded friends with similar-sized accounts and support each other 

10) Look at your best-performing content. Numbers don’t lie. If you tracked when you posted, considering (day/time), consider the topic, and the cover. Start creating a content grid to record what and when you post, the content topic, and how you entertained when posting, and you will soon see common denominators. Even if algorithms change some of what you learn will remain true. 

And the biggest support? 

If you’re going to do something that helps you most… here’s what it would be: 

Without a lot of followers, you need a posse that will help you gain lift. Find a group of like-sized colleagues. When you share a post, share it to your DM group. And agree to help each other with a like, comment, and share to story (when appropriate). 

Then it’s up to you to be sharing content that is uplifting and inspiring, not promotional in nature that someone want to share. The real Instagram secrets are to post with insight about your audience like no one else has. Know one of them like a best friend. Don’t collectively try to target someone that doesn’t exist by pulling this and that from each. 

What HURTS Engagement 

Stop promoting programs in your timeline. No one will share that for you. That’s for email or paid advertising. You can earn it if you rarely do it, and you’ve grown a following and engagement, but notice big accounts? They don’t do this. What makes you feel like you should?

Stop ignoring what your followers struggle to reach more people are telling you. You are getting feedback about your content or about how you’re posting, even if you aren’t gaining traction. It is a result of the habits you’ve had so far. Like we’d say to our clients, if it’s not working, change the habits. 

What Instagram secrets have you found work for you best? 


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