Impossible Dreams for your personal training business? Two Words Tell it like it is

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To Dream The Impossible Dream

The problem with that statement is that you spend the rest of your time only half in. You decide it’s your dream….

…as long as it doesn’t interfere with your Friday night plans

…you can still tailgate all day on Saturday

…you don’t have to do anything “uncomfortable”


If you’re the first to say…“But… “

Try to catch yourself! Try to reframe it into open-minded ..listening.

It’s hard! Devil’s advocate is easy to play… personal confession: I’m that person at a meeting too!

Yet, there’s a difference in doing that in a way that helps vs hurts.


Yes, And…. if you need to add something, or you need more clarity…

It keeps you open. It keeps the other person talking. You may not be able to use all someone gives you or all of a new idea, and yet you can extract a nugget from almost anything and get help from a new perspective.


There wasn’t a …juicer..until there was. Wasn’t a Vitamix till there was. And now? Do you have one or the other? Both?

There wasn’t Group training until there was. You may not like or use the model but a lot of people do. There wasn’t online training, or webinars or teleclasses or social media until there was.

Now? If you don’t know how to create a custom audience for your Facebook ad and drive traffic with it to your website and then in your doors? You’re behind and missing sales someone else is getting because 52% of sales happen online with the older marketing. 51% of those happen…by cell phone.

Does your butt look big in those jeans? Don’t know the answer to that. Your BUT looks big and similar to a brick wall however in your business. Are you, or your people saying yes and…or but no?


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